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What To Dog If Your Yorkie Puppy Is Teething

Yorkie puppies are born without teeth but baby canines (the longer teeth on each side in the front of the mouth) begin erupting at around 3 to 4 weeks of age, with incisors (the tiny teeth in the front) and premolars (larger side teeth) coming in at around 4 to 6 weeks of age.

Keeping your Yorkie's teeth clean is very important. Yorkie puppies should have a total of 28 baby teeth by the age of 8 weeks.

Your Yorkie puppy will love to chew during their teething process. Chewing serves to ease the discomfort of teething and sometimes relieves boredom. It is also a form of play as well as a puppy's way of exploring the big new world he's fascinated with.

Yorkie puppy owners should accept a certain amount of chewing, even as the dog matures. However, in order for Yorkie to live in harmony with the family, his urge to chew must be controlled and directed in positive ways. Only allow the Yorkie puppy to chew and play with his/her own toys and not your furniture! When not a home make sure you leave proper toys such as toy rope, tires and other toys suitable for your Yorkie.

Allow your children to play with the Yorkie but not with their hands during this process. Have them use the puppies toys or the treats you provide for training. Have your children help with the training of the Yorkie and make it fun!

Another great way to help your Yorkie puppy concentrate on something else rather then the teeth process is by playing. Take your baby out into the yard, use the puppies toys to throw and have her/him bring it back to you, run around and have the puppy chase you for fun, great time for using treats and teach your Yorkie to sit, roll over and other fun tools.

Talk to your Veterinarian about safe dental chews you can provide your Yorkie with. Your Veterinarian will also suggest activities you can go on to help your puppy with the teething process. Dental health is very important for your Yorkie puppy so make sure you take your puppy to the vets office for a dental exam.


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