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Top 10 Yorkie Puppy Housebreaking Mistakes

Housebreaking a Yorkie puppy can be very challenging if you donít have the right techniques.

10 of the most common mistakes that Yorkie owners make when housebreaking their dog:

1. Not using a confined area. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Some people think that crate training is cruel. Thatís not true. Dogs are den animals and need to have some place where they can feel safe.

If you canít listen to your poor cute puppy crying in the crate, use a play pen. My puppy Sofia, for some reason, didnít like having bars above her head. As soon as I put her in a play pen with her toys she would stop crying. The other thing about play pens is that they are re-sizable.

2. Not having a schedule. It will be more difficult for your Yorkie to get housebroken if you donít have a consistent schedule. You need to have a schedule, so you can predict what time your puppy will need to go potty. If the schedule is the same every day, your puppy will need to potty around the same time and your life will be much easier.

3. Punishing your puppy. Never yell or punish your Yorkie. It will do you no good. Remember, your puppy will never pee or poop in the house just to aggravate you. If you caught him in the act, just say ďNoĒ in a firm voice and take him outside. If you saw it after the fact, do not rub your puppyís face in his mess. He doesnít remember that itís his pee. In his mind, it is just some pee on the floor that could be left by another dog. Who knows.

4. Leaving your Yorkie puppy in the crate for too long. A six week old puppy can hold it only for about 1 hour, while an 8 week old puppy can hold it only for 2 hours and so on. Do not leave your puppy in the crate for hours. Puppies have a lot of energy and they need plenty of exercise and running during the day.

5. Letting your puppy run around the house before fully housebroken. The more accidents your dog has the longer it will take you to train your puppy. Every accident is a setback. Yorkie puppies also like to explore and can easily get into things. Donít be surprise to find your $100 pumps chewed apart.

6. Feeding your puppy while in the crate. Crate is really for ďalone timeĒ only. Donít give your dog food or water while in the crate. Treats are ok.

7. Using crate as a punishment. Bad idea. By using crate as a punishment you will create a negative association and your dog will not feel safe when crated.

8. Playing and running outside with your puppy before elimination. First, give you puppy some time to go potty, then you can run and play. You puppy needs to know that you mean business. Pick a spot and take you him to the same place every time you need him to go potty.

9. Not rewarding your puppy for a good job. Dogs always want to please their owners. By praising your puppy you will let him know that you are happy. Give him a treat and say a key phrase like ďGood Boy!Ē using the tone of your voice to show him you are pleased. You might not always have a treat in your pocket but you can always use a key phrase to let him know.

10. Not being consistent when it comes to training your puppy, including using different commands or changing your training technique will only confuse your dog and make it extremely difficult to get your point across.


We will be posting more articles and information about puppies and other cool stuff real soon!

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