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Things To Consider When Purchasing a Miniature Chihuahua Dog

There are many different types of dogs available for a person to own as a pet, and there are many considerations a person must take into account before they go out and purchase their dog. There are so many different types of dogs that with adequate research it is very possible to find the right dog for an individualís personal set of circumstances and surroundings.

The problem arises when a person interested in owning a dog goes for a popular breed of dog and does not consider if the dog is right for the owners lifestyle. A miniature Chihuahua breed is often considered simply due to its popularity, but careful consideration is needed before someone purchases this particular dog. Consideration that will shield the owner from wasting his or her money on an animal they are not suited to own and consideration to protect the animal from a potentially harmful situation.

First of all a miniature Chihuahua breed is not exactly suited for a family with small children. That is because these particular dogs are very fragile. They can be easily hurt and in some cases inadvertently killed by being accidentally stepped on or sat on, an occurrence that is very common with children. In addition, Chihuahuas are typically known as one of the most difficult dogs to housebreak. If you are very attentive to your pet then while this will require more time than many dogs, it is not impossible. However, if you are simply looking for a pet for the family that needs little care, then a Chihuahua may not be for you.

Another thing to look out for if you are interested in a miniature Chihuahua breed is behavior. Many people breed Chihuahuas without any idea of how to breed well-tempered Chihuahuas. In these cases, an owner might need to employ the services of a behavioral consultant. Another aspect that is natural to a Chihuahua is suspiciousness and barking. Chihuahuas are particularly prone to a what is known as a pitch fit when other animals or people approach their territory. Unless an owner works to curtail this, this sort of behavior is a short step away from biting.

While a miniature Chihuahua breed may not be for everyone, and they are definitely a dog that requires a good amount of time from their owners, for some dog lovers, spending time caring for the animals they love are the only reason they have to own them. Ask any responsible and caring owner of a Chihuahua and they will tell you that all the time and effort they put into their dog is overshadowed by the love and companionship the dog gives back to them and is well worth the effort.


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