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107 Testimonies From Our Happy Customers!

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Dear Scott and Farica,
Baby Preston (now Sconnie) is the cutest little guy on earth! He is taking everything great and is a ball full of energy! He is eating great and doing most all his business outside which is amazing! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win him and for all the help you have provided me with! We saw a lot of people over the new year and everyone wants one! I have passed on your website to everyone one and have no complaints. Thank you so much once again and god bless! I am attaching some photos of our little boy! 
Adam Vesling FREE Puppy Winner!






I just wanted to let you know that the babies arrived on time and in perfect condition! They are even cuter in person. As soon as we got them and out of the cage they came right over to us, and definitely have already become attached to us. I LOVE IT! My family just wanted to THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! You can tell the puppies have been loved unconditionally and we want to thank you! Also we want to thank you for being a wonderful legit puppy service and we are so privileged to get our puppies from you and to have got to know you a little over the phone!!!
Thank you so much and if any of my friends are looking for dogs I will send them your way!
Have a wonderful night!
Abby Chapman and Tina Holmes



Dear Farica and Scott,
A quick note to thank you so much for Caroline (now known as Bella), who has been a wonderful addition to our family and is much beloved by Lily and her brother John. She is a wonderful puppy, full of spunk and energy. Quite loving and relaxed with 7 and 8 year olds who cannot get enough of her. She is wonderfully well mannered and genuinely sweet. She has all the mannerisms of a show dog. Thanks again. She is a wonderful little dog.
Best regards,



Hi, Scott and Farica. I just wanted to stop and let you know Mandy which is Mya now is the best pup iv ever had! S he has had all her shots worm and flea treatments, she loves her baths and dressing up in her pretty clothes. Every one at work loves her and spoils her so much! She was just over two and a half pounds when she went to the vet last. She loves playing with the cat Oreo. She sleeps with us at night little snuggler she is. Only barks when she wants Oreo to play with her. Likes going for rides in the car, she will sit on my shoulder if I let her out of the crate or she sits on the seat with a seat belt. She's very energetic! I cant wait to get her a play mate another pup that is. She goes to Petland with me and struts her stuff and every one falls in love with her, she's pretty well behaved, she sits, high fives, and dances. She's totally awesome, thank you so much for her she's my pride and joy, will send pics later oh and she was so good when she got her her first grooming I'm so proud! She's beautiful.



Hello Scott and Farica!
It has been 2 months since I picked up Mia (formerly known as Maggy May) from the airport. She has been such a joy to have! At a good 6 pounds, Mia's vet has given her a clean bill of health and says she is one of the cutest Yorkies they have seen! Everyone at home loves her and she is very social. Even my coworkers love her! She is very sweet, playful, and well-behaved in public. Mia is a very spoiled little girl; I always find myself shopping for her! She loves to be held and go for car rides. I cannot thank you enough for picking me in your limited entry contest this past summer. I have told many people about you and your wonderful puppies!
Thank you a thousand times!
Jo Guillermo and Mia



Below is the testimony from our May, 2011 Puppy Winner.

Hi Scott & Farica,

Just wanted to let you know how smoothly everything went yesterday! We arrived about an hour early in anticipation ready to pick up our new boy :) we ran in the minute we saw his truck pull up. The attendant was laughing because he said he was so small he didn't see him right away.  He is an absolute doll and has been getting nonstop love and attention since his arrival! We named him Boscoe and because of his size the nickname Boss was too cute to pass up. He is truly a gift from God. We are so thankful for Boscoe and want to let you know he is in excellent hands. God Bless y'all*

Josh and Brittany



Snow white is doing so good, she's such a beautiful dog & has such a good personality. Thank you so much. I took her to the vet today & she's doing perfect, she also got her rabies shot today.



Hi Scott and Farica,
I received my teacup yorkie Maci about a week ago. Farica and Scott were so great! I met Farica with my little princess and received her with puppy food and paper work all ready to go home. She was very well socialized and so full of energy! She was partially potty trained so that is going very well also. She is my little lap dog and I love her so much. She is in very good hands! Sara



I want to let you know that Alani better known to you as Rosie is doing very well. She is very friendly and playful. We are all surprise on how she took us in and follows us around. She is so adorable she gets a lot of attention from others. I want to thank you for working with us and providing us with the information on her flight. I was unsure at first but you came through. The best outcome is how friendly she is and how quick she accepted us. She is a joy for me and my family. Like I said before I have 3 boys, 2 male African grays and now I have my baby girl. The puppy is very happy from the moment I picked her up from the airport. She was ready to come out and play.
Thank you SO MUCH for all you did for us.

Audrey & Wayne



Below is a Testimony From our April 30th, 2011 FREE Puppy Winner

Hey Scott and Farica,

I know you talked to my wife yesterday and I just wanted to follow up with an email. We did indeed receive little Benjamin (Benji) safe and sound. I was a little worried when we got to the ticket counter because his cage was sitting there empty! Turns out the ticket agents had him in the back room playing with him! LOL The girl who brought him out to us seemed like she was almost in tears, saying "You guys have the absolutely most cutest puppy ever!" We couldn't agree more, he is absolutely adorable! We were amazed at what fine condition he is in! He is well socialized and partially house trained which made teaching him to use a puppy pad a snap! He's just a fat, furry little ball of fire and such a joy to watch and play with. You know, sometimes when you get a puppy from a breeder they tend to be shy and have to be coaxed into coming out of their shell, not Benjamin! He obviously has been handled and loved and played with, not raised in a cage. He loves to cuddle and absolutely adores our grandson, they race around the house and wrestle and tumble around, they are just having a blast and so are we! Thank you again for such a wonderful blessing, I have already given several people your website address and I intend to sing Scott's Puppy Palace praises every time someone asked where we got our adorable little guy! God bless you and your family and keep doing God's work of spreading blessings in little furry packages! LOL

Ron & Pam Wyatt
Sevierville, TN



Sorry I haven't been able to email you i have been super busy. I just wanted to let you know that we received the puppy Ashton on Feb 21, and are in love. He is so sweet and adorable. He never barks and is very friendly with everyone including our 2 year old Westie that we have. The two are inseparable now. We did change his name to Romeo, and he has had his visit to the vet. She said everything was good and she never wanted to put him down because she thought he was to cute. I am so happy that we had purchased him from you, it was well worth the wait when I picked him up from the airport. I will send you pictures soon. Courtney



I just wanted to express my thanks for getting Giovanni to me safely and I also wanted to express to you how much we absolutely love this little dog. We have re-named him Peanut and his transition into our home has been better than any of us expected. Peanuts demeanor & behavior is better than any dog I have ever met. He is perfect. I will recommend you to everyone I know and am actually hoping I win the free puppy contest in April because I would love to give Peanut a playmate!
Thank you again, we love him so much!!



Hello Farica,
Karly arrived safe and clean! She is such a great addition to our family! She took to the kids very well, and is always very affectionate and gives tons of kisses to them which they love for they
themselves are very affectionate. She did great for her first night even though we had a horrible storm last night that woke her up and I just put her bed on my bed and she went right back to sleep. Thanks a lot for her and will keep you posted.
Toni Hernandez



Scott and Farica,
Ed and I were at the airport at 12:30, we got Lil Blue around 1:00. We are very pleased to have him in our home. He is a delight. Ed was so excited that he did not let me near Lil Blue. I asked him if he would like to take him out of the crate his response was "can I, in here?" I told him yes. The drive home which was about 2 hours was a cute sight to see. Ed put Blue inside his coat, where Blue stayed until we got home. As you would know it Blue slept all the way home. When we got home we let him roam, he had a little accident. We have a year old kitten, he is declawed and fixed. Blue has been trying to play with him, but Cricket just wants to check him out. I know the two of them will get along great. Cricket is still a baby himself, so I am not worried about the two of them. I will send you pictures as the two of them get used to each other. Thank you, it was worth the wait to add this baby to our family. He is beautiful and a delight.
Ed and Barb
Boonville, NY



Hey Farica & Scott. Timothy (now known as Snickers) arrived here on time. He has been such a wonderful puppy for us. He is loved by EVERYONE who has been in my house. My mom doesn't like dogs at all, but once she saw how cute and how playful he is, she fell in love with him too. I haven't met a single person who said that he was ugly at all. Well I just wanted to thank you for everything. For being such a wonderful breeder! I'm glad I accidentally landed on your page or else I wouldn't have met such a great puppy like Snickers. I've also attached a photo I've taken of him, so that you'll never forget him. :)
-Love Jennifer



Just wanted to let you guys know that we took Princess to her vet appointment today and he gave her rave reviews. Dr. Holme said she looked perfectly healthy, had a great set of chompers (meaning her teeth were aligned very well), and couldn't stop complimenting her. We are returning on the 9th for her vaccines and a fecal test. He seemed very impress with her overall health and look. We're so happy with the results. Thank you two so much! Emily



Isabella is doing great! She has been such a joy to have here with us. We love her so very much. We took her to the pet store today to get her a few more dresses and a coat and boots for the upcoming winter. She was such a hit with all the people in there, matter of a fact had to give your email address out about 10 times and your website. They said they have not seen a cuter Yorkie. She had her little pink bows in her hair and a pink lace dress with a pink halter with roses on it. She had just got her checkup and the vet said yeee haaaa she is great! We are so excited we went shopping LOL. She has adopted my husbands chair though, growls at him when he thinks he is going to take her down, it is so funny. We of course have just loved her since her arrival She became a member of the family the minute she was handed to me in the airport. The vet said she has the cutest face and the softest hair. She loves our vet cause she gives her treats all the time. I have been looking at your website for yrs wanting one of these Yorkies and when I decided to get this sweet Isabella I made the best choice. We love her.
Thank you for our sweet loving little girl. God Bless you both and may all your prayers be answered. He has a special place for you 2 wonderful people. God be with you.
Isabella's new parents the Keller's from Boston NY



Just wanted to let you know Calvin Q.T. Campbell is doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He sleeps with us the first night snuggled up to me on my neck. Next night in bed with us in his new little bed. Both nights slept thru the night straight thru until about 7am got up and took him outside and each morning he did his business just fine.

He has his new collar with his name on it and he got use to it in one day, the leash not quite yet though.
Calvin is worth so much more then the wait that we did for him!!! He is just wonderful. He has made himself right at home, eating 4 time a day, knows where the water bowl is and is getting use to the back door to go outside to do his business. He is a very smart puppy.

We can not thank you both enough for all that you did and bringing him into our family. He goes to the vets this week, it was a little difficult cause I had to cancel the other 2 times and with this being a holiday weekend. As soon as he does I will mail all paperwork back to you.

Oh and by the way he had his first hair cut yesterday, not really a hair cut our friend does puppy cuts and she just cut around his little face and eyes. He got a bath today and just loved it. We bathed him in our sink in the bathroom.

Well I could go on and on and on about him. We are so grateful to have gotten to know you both and believe me we have told everyone about you guys.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts and Calvins too. God bless you both.
Dawn and Gene Campbell



Hello Scott and Farica,
How can I ever thank you for bringing such happiness to my family with your little puppies? I purchased 5 puppies from you, 4 Yorkies and 1 Chihuahua. We could not wait for the day to get here and pick them up from the airport. They arrived safely in the carriers. They were all happy and frisky when we let them out to stretch and potty. They were absolutely adorable. My mom, sister, 3 daughters and myself have fallen in love. They all have been well behaved, have had no health issues and been eating great. I don’t think any of them have kept any of us up at night either and that’s a blessing.

Every time I look at my little Sophie (a Yorkie) I can’t help but have a smile on my face. She is so stinking cute! Thank you for everything you have done for us, from helping me get them here to checking on them after they arrived.

Jennifer N. Haynes



Hi Farica and Scott,

I just wanted to tell you Thank you for Monica/Baby.  I took her to the vet today and she got her shots.  The vet says she is very healthy and an ideal weight.  She did not feel any bones and she was impressed with her not being able to feel her bones.  Most dogs that are like her come in and she can feel there bones.  My little girl did you guys justice.  Vet said she also has good teeth.

My vet also said she was a very good price.  Here in El Paso, my vet was saying we would pay 3 x's that from the pet store in town and they are all cousins mostly because we don't have any new bloodlines coming in.  Thank you, Thank you.  She is adored and loved.  The first 4 pictures are her first day here with my dogs Ozzy is in fenced area with her Joey is the one outside of fence looking at her.  The 5th picture was taken yesterday. the 6th picture is her waking up from her nap today after she got her shots. 

Thank you again,

Cindy and Rick Morrissey



Scott n Farica,
How times flies .. It is one year ago I won the puppy contest.. And was just as shocked as today's winner.. It was my first time entering the contest and my thoughts where on the prayer request..  My little Annie will be 1 yr old on the 28th...  Let me tell you she really is a blessing.. she has a sassy side to her when I don't give in to her wishes.. lol  An I love it!! She is my everyday joy..  God must been watching over me and knew I needed something to fill my day with happiness.

Catherine Fiumenero



We absolutely love and adore Olivia she is the best we consider her our grandchild and part of our family and as you can see my daughter adores her as well a match made in heaven she is very attached to our daughter looks after her it is so cute waits by the window everyday around the time she is due to get off the bus from school she knows the exact time it's so funny, so she can greet her at the door to give her kisses and hugs. best friends for life they are!! Thank you so much for a great dog could not of asked for a better one she is perfect!!! I have enclosed some pictures of Olivia as well.

Thank You

Tina & Phil



Hello Farica,
You can't imagine our faces when we first saw him yesterday!, my husband and I were amazed by Caleb's little beauty and kindly face. At the beginning in the car he was naturally scared and hadn't eaten anything that was on the crate, but as a mom you know, I brought with me some "Training bites" and began talking with him ...and suddenly he began to eat and drink perfectly!
When we were at home, we gave him time and space to get out of the crate when he decided...and in 5 minutes he was out!, smelling, playing, and beginning to know his new home. By night we decided to put him with us in our bedroom beside me, at first he was like...what is going on...!,everything is new, strange...I don't even know this bed yet and this black square crate...what do you mean by that! So he began to cry just a little, when he saw I was going to sleep beside him he began to feel more comfortable but what amazed me the most was that when I took out my sleeping sandals he began staring looking... " I want them ", so I put it in her bed one an instantly he was quiet and began to sleep, we were really happy to see that he was absolutely comfortable. He woke me at 5:00 A.M., but for being the first night I knew we were in the right direction!
My husband and I are absolutely in loved with Caleb, he is extremely sweat and beautiful!
Thank you, I have the papers in my hands.
Best regards,





Farica and Scott this is my precious ANNIE she was Miley when I got her from you.. I had named her Andi but with her personality she is more like a Annie Lulu.. I will never be able to thank you gracious folks enough.. I was very Surprise to be the April winner.. I should tell you that was the first time I enter the contest.. I don't remember how your web page came to me.. I was just looking for some prayers request..  The little guy Andy I ask you to pray for is doing fairly well with his chemo treatment..  I am so over joyed with the gift of my little Chihuahua.. Annie helps full my day with such happiness.. She has a doggie way of talking to me.. She also always runs to the door when the bell rings to be fussed over.. She is a lovey one.. I will say Thanks again.. You can always count on me for a reference .. I can see the love Annie has got when she arrived off of the flight June 30,2009. Keep up the God 's work.  Many Blessings. Catherine and Annie




Teacup Chihuahua


Just wanted to send you an updated pic of my little Angel!  She’s about 2.25 or 2.5 lbs now, 5 months old.  I’ll find out her exact weight next week when we go back for a routine visit to vet.    She’s so pretty and I just love that heart on her side.  She very smart, has learned sit, down, stay, bring it, leave it, drop it, heel, come, wait & is doing very well in litter training.  She’s great on paper and puppy pads, but the litter box isn’t her preference so if there is paper, she will choose that first.  When it’s sunny, we go for walks so she is learning to potty outside as well.  Willie, my African Grey thinks she belongs to him.  He calls her, talks to her, tries to give her commands  (most of them she ignores), but he keeps trying!  I watch to make sure we don’t have any close confrontations with her and the parrots.  She’s friendly and loves everyone and everything…no fear of people or other dogs, that is, as long as mommy is with her.  I’ve brought her to my office a couple of times.  I just bring a puppy pad, some food & a couple toys and she’s a perfect Angel.  Everyone wants me to bring her more, but I keep it only once in a while.

I just look at the wonder in my family and thank God every day for all the beautiful blessings that I have been given.  & I thank him for you two as well!

Take care my friends!

Love,  Bet & Xena Betty Holland



Cosmo Morkie puppy


Holli at the airport with her new puppy Cosmo!

Hi Scott and Farica
I just wanted to let you know I'm absolutely LOVING Cosmo, which is now known as Sir Winston. This puppy couldn't be any more PERFECT! He is so lovable and likes to cuddle and be close and plays all the time :) exactly what I wanted in him. He is still getting used to my house though. He doesn't like to leave my room much because the rest of the house isn't carpeted and he has a hard time walking, looks like the poor baby is on ice or something. When I'm in the living room though I put a blanket down and he happily plays on it :) if I don't then he prefers to stay in my room but I like him with me. Our cat is still trying to cope with the change, its kind of funny how much he wants to play with her and she cant stand him, and she is a good bit bigger than he is, I'm hoping she'll come around. Anyways, he seems very healthy and eats frequently and even his potty training is working out, he's a very smart little boy. Thank you so much I couldn't have found a better puppy. Have a happy holidays :)
Holli Frazier and Sir Winston



Braxton is doing great, and loves roaming around our roomy home. He is adjusting well, and didn’t cry at all the first night. He has his own bed, and he immediately loved it and knew it was his. He lays in it during the day as well. He is playful and loving all the attention! The second night he cried, and I had to put his bed in the bathroom, just so I could get some sleep. Last night, I put his bed next to my bed, and he could see me and was satisfied with that. He slept all night and didn’t make a peep. He will be super spoiled, I assure you.



Dear Farica and Scott:

Words can’t convey the joy in my heart over winning that little pound and a half, spunky, bundle of love,-- Puppy Lexis!  She is such a sweetheart and anyone who meets her agrees.  We have introduced her to strangers outside our home, other dogs, her veterinarian, and I even brought her into my office to show my co-workers.   She is friendly and well behaved, just amazing. She’s tiny but mighty, so I’ve added more to her original name.  She is now, Xena (Warrior-Princess) Lexis Holland! Xena is a very, very smart little girl. My daughter Heidi (who is a veterinary technician), taught her to sit in 5 minutes! She became acclimated to my parrots’ noises  in 2 days and ignores them now.  My African Grey calls her and she responds! She uses her litter box when home, puppy pads when we go visiting and is beginning to potty outside when we go for walks! She comes when we call her, sits perfectly on command, and is currently working on the “down” command.  (Not bad for a 3 month old puppy, huh?!)    I feel so blessed!  A few days before the contest, I had just said, “Lord, when you’re ready for me to get a dog, it will happen.”  5 days later, I received your email saying I was the winner!  Yes, I am blessed! Of course, a tremendous amount of the credit for Xena’s quick adjustment and happy attitude goes to you!  This is a reflection of the care and love you give to all your dogs. I am so impressed by your dedication to every one of them, providing 24/7 care, ensuring someone is always there to take care of them, making certain every puppy is conditioned to human touch and love, providing preventative medical care for each one, educating the new owners, and following up with them after the babies are adopted. I only wish more people would follow your example. One final comment is, not only do I have the most adorable, delightful teacup Chihuahua puppy that anyone could ever dream of; because of her, I now have wonderful new friends, the Lipe family! God Bless You! Betty and Xena Lexis Holland




Hello Scott and Farica,
I just want to up date you on Jorden, He has made his self right at home. He is to cute, he walks around with those butterfly and all he does is squeak them, and I have never seen a dog just sit there and repeat the squeak, it is too cute. He is a year now, and he has been with us now almost a year. I just want to thank you. He has gave us many laughs and so much joy.
Thank you again
Donna Smith and Family



Hi Scott and Farica,
We received the puppies just fine on Tuesday. They are precious! Of course we had to take them out of the carriers right there at the cargo pick up office. The shipping clerks thought they were adorable and each one had to have a turn at petting them. I gave them the Nutrical, food and water before we started the drive back to Spokane. They do travel well. Not one threw up. It was about 8:30pm (11:30pm your time) when we reached home. We feed and played a little bit and then went to bed. The puppies slept all night.
Wednesday was our real first day to be with the puppies. By the end of the day the puppies seemed to be right at home. We put puppy pads down and I think each of them has tried it at least once. Mostly though, they use the puppy pads to play tug of war.
I’m not sure which one is really Boomer or Archie. We decided that Boomer was the male puppy with the most energy, a little fatter and does that backwards hop – kind of dance. I think he is the one that did that in the video as well. We were thinking Archie was the one with the smaller face and slimmer body. He is the more timid one. However, as the day went on Archie was more relaxed and wasn’t timid anymore.
I did give them a bath before we went to bed on Tuesday. After a full day of being cooped up… they kinda need one. Once we got them wet, we found out that Boomer really isn’t that much fatter than Archie. His hair is just more fluffy. He may actually be the smaller of the two males.
Our first real day went pretty well. They were up at 5am when my husband’s alarm went off. They ate and drank some water then played for an hour or two. I put them back to bed and they slept for a couple of hours and were ready to play again. It went on like that all day. They all seem to have a fascination with chewing on socks, shoes, hands, fingers, arms, electric cords and whatever else they can get their little mouth around. I did spend a good part of the day baby proofing our bedroom.
It was so cute when Archie and Boomer got at each end of that stuffed dog bone that you sent and was playing tug of war with each other.
A few of my friends think I’ve must have gone insane for buying 3 puppies. I guess it is a bit unusual for someone to buy a half a litter of puppies. I think they are a lot of fun. All 3 will run around and chase each other and attack each other. Once you pick one of them up, that puppy settles right down and just likes to be held. Very sweet. I look forward to getting to know the puppies with their unique personalities as the days unfold.
I haven’t said much about Miley. At first she comes across as a little prissy princess, but - She does her part when it comes to chasing and pouncing on the boys. She will stir things up a bit, if there isn’t enough action going on. She has a little tom-boy spirit there.
We actually thought the puppies would be bigger, but very pleased with their size.
Oh -the clothes that you sent them home in are so cute, although Archie was the only one still wearing his (little polo shirt) when they arrived. We put the clothes back on them last night and they took turns taking each other’s clothes off. At one point, Boomer was helping Miley take off hers, and Archie was helping Boomer with his. They made a little train - tugging and pulling on the clothes. Archie actually likes wearing the clothes.
These puppies are a riot! We love them!
Take care,
Vicki Tarkenton



Hi Scott &  Farica,  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart  for Yogi, I kept the name Yogi. Yogi has been here a week today, my how time flies. I have been on cloud 9 since he has been here. I am the happiest person in the world. I have never won anything in my life before, and still can't believe he is mine, and when I picked Yogi up at the airport and opened his crate and actually saw him for the first time and held him in my arms, I knew that I had to be the luckiest person in the world. I couldn't be happier if I had won the lottery. In fact I think I did win the lottery. He has a lot of energy he runs and plays and is such a joy to watch I never tire of watching him, he does some of the cutest things, he is cuter in person than his pics. Pics do not do him justice, he is the perfect little boy. I am the proudest mom there is .I could kiss his little face off. I can't tell you how fortunate I am to have him in my life and to think that I almost lost out on  him to somebody else. I am so glad things worked out for me to have him. but sorry it didn't work out for the other person also. I love that you are making things possible for people like myself and others that maybe can't afford to buy one, but can get a chance to win one in a contest. I think that is a wonderful thing you do to take your time and devote it to help make things possible for people like us to be able to have a sweet baby like Yogi. I also know that god is smiling down on you two and that is why you ministry is doing so well, because you care. Thank you for the puppy contests they are great, where else could you get quality purebred puppy for free. I am so blessed to have Yogi. The proudest mom of the of the May 14th puppy winner.    THANKS YOU TWO SOOOOO MUCH!



Hi Scott and Farica,
I want to sincerely thank the both of you for making it happen. I'm glad that Little Bear is home with me. I am so grateful to have Little Bear in my life. Even though it has only been 2 days, it has brought joy to my family and me. He is so sweet and kind. We couldn't have asked for anything more. He's been an answer to our prayers. I'm really glad that I decided to go through with having him as a part of my family. He's a bundle of joy. I'm really glad that the Lord has answered our prayers and given us a beautiful gift. I can't thank you guys enough because without you guys, we wouldn't have him. You guys were so nice and courteous with us through the entire process. I'm really excited. He is doing really well, and he is also very spoiled. Thank you so much.
Betsy and Sam



Dear Scott and Farica,
I had been looking for a puppy for a very long time and had a lot of trouble finding such a small dog at an affordable price in the area. After receiving numerous contacts from scammers looking for homes for their little babies, my parents were extremely skeptical that I had won a free puppy. My mother actually found your site after helping me search for the last 3 months and suggested I entered. I have never won anything before so no one expected much. Still I had a sense that maybe I was supposed to have this. In the fall I am moving to FL, where I will know no one, to go to law school. I wanted a puppy as a companion to keep my spirits up and so that I wouldn't feel alone being so far. When I picked out my apartment, months before having a puppy, I found a dog friendly complex with a meadow in my backyard so if I did find a puppy it would have a great home and plenty of room to play. When I picked up the puppy yesterday, everything became real. My parents we shocked that someone could give such a wonderful dog away with pet carrier and free shipping. "Lucy" *new name undecided* is amazing. She is spunky and passionate, friendly and loving. She is everything I could have ever dreamed of and winning this puppy is better than any other prize I could have ever gotten. It is obvious she was very well cared for and loved. You are such wonderful people to make dreams come true like this!!!! Throughout the whole process of waiting you have been kind, helpful, and attentive. You have a wonderful business bringing puppies and the joy of the lord to people's lives. I wish you all the best in your business and your ministry. May god bless you as you continually bless others.
Thank you so much for all that you have done!




Scott and Farica,
Thank you so much for holding your puppy contests. I just wanted to let you know that Cody is a dream. You have made my daughter and I very happy. Cody is a very frisky and healthy puppy. My vet said that Cody was in better shape than he was. I just wanted to let everyone know that your contests are real. That was the best twenty dollars I have ever spent. May God Bless You because you have truly bless my family. I have attached a picture of my daughter and Cody.

Free Puppy Winner

Lisa from Georgia




Scott and Farica
It has been 3 mos since I picked up Foxy (we renamed her Lola) from the airport and I wanted to let you know she is doing wonderful. She is just so full of life and just loves everyone and the feeling is mutual.. She is now a little over 6 lbs and turned 6 mos old yesterday.. Just wanted to give you a quick little update and let you know. Thank you so much again for my perfect puppy...I have been telling everyone to take look at your website because they will fall in love with each and everyone of the puppies....
Maryann Richards
Newton NH



This is a testimony from our Feb. 28th Free Puppy Winner. Farica and I would like to thank JESUS for answered prayer and for confirming his word with wonders and signs following! Be sure to answer the questions above.

Scott and Farica,
I was so thrilled to hear that I won the free puppy contest for February 2009. I love my "Valentine" puppy "Benji" and thank you so much for sending him all the way to Montana for me.
The free puppy has been wonderful, but the best part of this experience has been growing my personal relationship with JESUS! I answered the three questions on the website, and found the strength to ask for prayer for myself. I've struggled with severe depression and post traumatic stress syndrome over the past three years and had tried to end my life twice in the past year. I was feeling very hopeless. After asking for prayer in response to Question 3, and admitting that I needed to open myself up to a closer relationship with the Lord, my prayers were answered. I felt my depression actually melt away and the nightmares and anxiety were just gone!! It was a miraculous healing of my body and mind, and I am so thankful for Scott and Farica and their ministry. I believe they saved my life and cannot imagine where I would be if I hadn't stumbled on their website looking for a new pup.
Thank you again guys - you have changed my life, and you are so special!! God Bless, Chuck



Dearest Farica and Scott;
A week ago, at this precise time I was astonished after reading the email you sent me notifying I was the lucky winner of the March 7th contest. I read it million times and couldn't believe it. I spent the entire week reading the email and carrying Chihuahua Teacup Leah's pictures. As much as I believed it, I disbelieved it. I couldn't figure out how would someone giveaway a price worth $1,500 for only $20 and on top of that, 2 beautiful puppy charms and a lifetime subscription for a training E-book. Nonetheless, free shipment, shot record, Health Certificate, CKC pre-registration papers, and the puppy of your choice!
Today, March 15, 2009, I woke up with the crying of a puppy. Teacup Leah has spent her first night with us! She is cutest than I could imagined. She is finally home and she is real!!!
Leah is adorable! Her bright eyes, sweetest personality, tiny body, smooth coat, happiness, and playfulness have captivated our hearts. She is full of energy and extremely lovely with my 3 year old girl and very sweet and gentle with my six month boy. She loves her new family and we love her.
Please use my testimony. I will recommend Scott's Puppy Palace to anyone who is interested in adopting a puppy. You are beautiful, trusting people who someday I hope to meet, if not here, in Heaven. May God keep you and your business in His hands. May He keeps providing you with the knowledge of sharing His word. May you always be bless!
"Mil gracias" from the bottom of my heart. Keep in touch! I'll be sending you pictures this week.
Sincerely and with deepest gratitude;
Lilliam I. Santiago,
Proud mom of Chihuahua Teacup Leah and March 7th, Contestant Winner!!!!!!



I just want to elaborate a little more on Goldie.  Yesterday, I woke up with a sick headache and ended up going to an eye doctor as I had an allergic reaction to either my contacts or solution.  Anyway, this was not planned for my agenda yesterday, at all.
When I got to the airport, she was already at the pickup station, even though AA told me it would be at least 30 minutes after her arrival before I could pick her up.  I went to the counter and told them I was here to pick up a puppy and I knew I was early, but they told me they had her.  They didn't even ask for ID, but I showed them it anyway. 
When I got her to the car, I took her out of the carrier and she rode home in my lap.  When I got her home, she immediately went potty (nothing in her crate, by the way).  I introduced her to Sadie, Buddy and Gracie.  Needless to say, I thought the one that wouldn't get along with her at first might be Sadie, but it's actually Buddy (go figure).  Gracie and Sadie take turns playing with her when she is not in my lap.  I am determined to make her a lap dog. :)
Our first night was great.  I had all 4 animals in bed with me, and she acted like she had been sleeping in beds all along - has she?  My Sadie usually gets up at least once during the night, so I took her out when Sadie went out and she pottied. I took her out first thing when we got up and she was so good to go outside to potty.  We have a screened porch, so I left her in a crate (just until Buddy gets used to her); it's a wire crate big; all 4 animals are out there.  It is warm and pretty here again. I will check on her at noon.
I cannot express how much I have already fallen in love with her.  She appears to be a cross between my Sadie and my daughter's Yorkie - Cody.  I think she has the face of the Shitzu, but the coloring of the Yorkie.  It's going to be fun to watch her grow and see the changes. 
Anyway, I apologize for any lack of enthusiasm yesterday, as I just was NOT myself.
Thanks again for such a wonderful transaction and this wonderful addition to our family.



Scott and Farica,
Hello! I called and left you a message, but I wanted to write you just in case you didn't get it.
The puppy is here! We renamed her Lola :)

She is so lively and fun! we love her very much already! She was definitely worth it.
I just wanted to thank you guys once again for being great, trustworthy breeders!

I will give your web site to anyone I know looking for a puppy!
She is so beautiful, and she is so good!! trained to newspaper perfectly and so quite, lol

She is perfect.

thanks again!!
Emily and Christopher




I just wanted to give you an update on the puppy I bought from you almost 5 years ago. His name was Peter Pan and his new name is Gizzy. He is doing well! He is my best friend and is completely adored by my boyfriend and me. Keely Lind Minneapolis, MN



Here is something else for your Testimony page.
I took Maxwell to the vet.
My vet knows the family...and is SUPER picky when it comes to new puppy's.
He said Maxwell was an extremely healthy puppy, not to mention the cutest Yorkie he has seen!!!! Gasow Vet Clinic Dr. Magner.

Thank you AGAIN,
Carole Anne


He is the cutest dog on the planet!!!!
I took him and Cavus with me when I had my hair cut. EVERYONE WENT CRAZY!!!
I am not allowed back unless I bring the boys!!!!
Him and Cavus hit it off immediately!!! No awkward moments.
Max is such a GOOD puppy. No barking, no crying.
He and Cavus follow me around the house, stopping only to play with each other.
If you want, you can use me as a reference by giving people my phone.
When I find a minute, I will also write a letter that you can send or email to your customers.
You have made Cavus and me VERY happy!!!!
Thank you both for being so easy to work with.
He is PURE JOY, and PLEASURE for Cavus and I.
Carole Anne 



I just wanted to let you know that we have Ella (we renamed her Sofie) and she is doing great! She arrived just on time at the airport and all of the people working at the airport were hoping we wouldn't show up to get her so they could take her home! I can not begin to tell you how much we already adore her. She is such a beautiful little girl. The minute she got home she has been playing with our other Chihuahua. He made her feel right at home. She has also been sleeping a lot because she has had such a busy day! We took her to Petsmart and got everything for her, food, puppy pads, treats, blood sugar gel, etc. so she is good to go. She also lets us know when she has to go potty by wining and we put her in her playpen on her potty pads and she goes right away! We were very impressed with this. I just wanted to let you know that she will be very spoiled and she and my other Chihuahua are our only children! We will keep in touch and thanks again for our little baby!!




Hi guys!
Sophie had her vet visit on Saturday and they said she looks great! Let me know if you need anything specific from this visit.
She is doing amazing and has fit right in with our family! She is already spoiled rotten but she deserves it!
Thanks again! You have a great business and I have already given you 2 referrals. I tell everyone how great my experience was and that I would do it again!
Merry Christmas and may God bless you!
Tina and Sophie too! :-) Email from our Dec. 17th, Free Puppy Winner



Scott and Farica,
Sorry that it took me so long to write. Family, holidays, etc.. Wanted to let you know that Carson arrived safe, and immediately melted our hearts. Thank you soo much! And thank you for taking time out of your busy holiday to send him to us. The last of the Christmas guests are leaving next week, and I will have time to send you pictures.
Brooke Martin



Dear Farica and Scott,


I have been meaning to write you for a couple of months now.....I was just visiting your page and looking a your adorable puppies and decided to drop you a line....I have to tell you "Timmy" who is now known as Gino is unbelievable...he really is the sweetest natured little dog I have ever met...  If you remember, we lost our little yorkie to a hit and run on July 3rd....it was an extremely hard time for us- we had Max for almost 10 years.. We decided to get another dog but decided on a Morkie because getting a pure Yorkie would remind us too much of Max.  After putting a deposit on another morkie from a different breeder we found your website and I spoke to Farica on the phone- I felt so comfortable and secure with her as a breeder that I cancelled the other dog and ended up getting a morkie and my brother got his brother- I am just stating this because I am not sure if you remember...you were AWESOME!!!!!  Both my brother and I have the cutest, most adorable little guys- thank you thank you ..thank you....By the way, I agree with your philosophy about  breeding and the temperaments of the dog....Ginos' parents must have been so sweet, because I have not seen one aggressive trait in him since we have had him...not one growl or anything...just so sweet and we have a friend who also has a morkie from a different breeder...spent half as much as us....and her little guy bites and growls a lot....


Here is a little picture of Gino- Thank you for making us so happy!!


Christina and Eric



Hi Scott and Farica

Just wanted to let you know that Maggy is doing great.
She is definitely the smallest one we have gotten. Once she gets a little size on her we will get a picture over to you all, probably in December of the whole gang.
Everyone is so curious about her. They are all taking different to her. I have my one Maggie, was Cherry on your website that we got about a year and a half ago. She is the ultimate little Chi with the big personality and all. It will take her a little longer to get used to the new one. She thinks she is the Queen of the house. :o)
Thanks again for another wonderful puppy. My dad of course is obsessed with her and she is already spoiled to death. Good thing he is retired. This is how I keep him busy and on his toes is with my Chihuahua addiction.
We have the most beautiful dogs from you all with such different personality's. It's a complete and total joy to our. Thanks again,
Sheri, Gil, and Matt


This email is from one of our past Free Puppy Winners.

Well, Gianna loves Chico and Chico loves Gianna.  Now that his puppy teeth are almost gone she allows him to sit on her lap a lot more.  It's a riot to watch them.  He jumps on her special stander which has a tray and licks and snuggles her until she giggles and shivers.  The feeling of his wet tongue on her hands goes right through her.  I think she's very sensitive to touch because of being blind.  When Gianna is propped up on the couch Chico jumps up and makes a weird singing sort of noise.  If he nips at Gianna she growls at him and he runs away!  I keep telling my daughter we have to record it for America's Funniest Pets on TV. 

You have no idea how much it means to us all to see Gianna interacting with a special dog of her own.  She's used to getting a lot of attention from all of us but now she's reaching out to something that reaches back to her for love.  As much as we love her and want to keep her to ourselves she's learning to love on her own without our interfering and showing her what to do.  We're backing off and letting them play on their own.  


My grandson tries to play with Chico and even feeds him dog biscuits but Chico won't take them from him and has no use for anyone except Gianna.  Victor finally figured out that if he puts a tiny bit of peanut butter on it Chico will take the biscuit from him but then he runs back to Gianna.  I think dogs know who is sick and who needs them the most.


Gianna is doing well with her therapies.  Her accomplishments are measured in inches but at least that's something.  God is answering our prayers for her.  Gianna had the botox injections in her legs a while ago and for about a week it was fantastic.  She could straighten her legs and stand if we held her hands.  When she woke up in the morning her legs weren't all knotted up and she could get up without pain.  The shots cost thousands of dollars and didn't last as long as they were supposed to but the doctors have scheduled more injections and we'll take as much time for her to have more mobility as we can get.  She's in pain so often, I have to remember to Praise the Lord in all things.  At least she had a little while when she could feel what it's like to have your legs straight and not hurting.  Please keep her in your prayers and thank you again for the wonderful little friend you gave her.


My prayers are going out for you and your family and for success in your business. 


In Jesus' Name,




Hello, to both of you we just got back from the vet, and everything is fine, he has his appointment set for his next shots. He fits in to our family, just fine like he has always been here. Thank you for being the breeders you are, you made this a joy, and I've told friends about you should I think of getting another puppy, I will only deal with you, again thank you. Oh yes as you can see his name has been changed, my grans call him Dusty. Brenda



Hi guys!
Just wanted to say that Sophie got here safe and sound! She was so excited when she got here! I absolutely love her! She is so sweet and lovable. She gets along great with our dog Buddy, they played right away! She is the PERFECT addition to our family!
Thank you so much for our newest family member.

We just can't thank you enough! She is loved so much!



Hi Farica,
Its been a while now that Lacey has been in our home and she has been a pleasure to have. We all love her very much. I also wanted to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thank you, Mildred



Dear Farica and Scott,
I have been meaning to write you for a couple of months now.....I was just visiting your page and looking a your adorable puppies and decided to drop you a line....I have to tell you "Timmy" who is now known as Gino is unbelievable...he really is the sweetest natured little dog I have ever met... If you remember, we lost our little Yorkie to a hit and run on July 3rd....it was an extremely hard time for us- we had Max for almost 10 years.. We decided to get another dog but decided on a Morkie because getting a pure Yorkie would remind us too much of Max. After putting a deposit on another morkie from a different breeder we found your website and I spoke to Farica on the phone- I felt so comfortable and secure with her as a breeder that I cancelled the other dog and ended up getting a morkie and my brother got his brother- I am just stating this because I am not sure if you remember...you were AWESOME!!!!! Both my brother and I have the cutest, most adorable little guys- thank you thank you ..thank you....By the way, I agree with your philosophy about breeding and the temperaments of the dog....Ginos' parents must have been so sweet, because I have not seen one aggressive trait in him since we have had him...not one growl or anything...just so sweet. and we have a friend who also has a morkie from a different breeder...spent half as much as us....and her little guy bites and growls a lot.
Here is a little picture of Gino- Thank you for making us so happy!!
Christina and Eric



This is my adorable Maggy!!! We got her last February and I can't begin to to tell you how much joy she has brought us. She has become very attached to us as well as we are to her. She loves going to the beach and she has just started to relax and lay down in the car, being in the car always seem to make her a little nervous. She enjoys playing ball with the boys who are 8 and 10 so much that one time we had her at my 10 year olds soccer game and when he started to play and run with the ball she took off from my husband and ran into the game to try in get the ball from him. She stopped the game but not with out a chase because she wanted to play!! Everyone had a big laugh about it.
She stops people right in their tracks in fact I had a guy come up to me and asked where I had gotten such a beautiful Maltese puppy he had been looking for one for his wife and of course I gave them your name and e-mail address and told them of your excellent service from beginning to end. I told him about how my friend told me about you on her purchase of her puppy and how satisfied she was with everything, and how we were also very pleased with our experience.



Here is the latest email we received from our last free puppy winner. Should have pictures soon. The update is that he's wonderful! He runs, and scampers, and jumps, and chases feet like crazy. He'll be tearing around the house then all of a sudden he climbs up on a lap and falls right asleep as if he were unconscious! He has a cute bump of a belly and loves to be held on his back and have his tummy rubbed. Both Gianna and Victor, Jr. are crazy for him. Gianna knew the difference between him and my other chi immediately. How wonderful it is that my grandchildren will have a dog of their own to grow up with and that I'll have another dog in my life. Barb



Hello, I bought 2 of your male puppies prior to Christmas 06 and am completely in love with them. My 13 year-old Chihuahua is showing the signs of her age but is still going strong, Praise God! I’ve renamed the pups Peetie and Spanky (from the little rascals). They are extremely affectionate, loving, and adaptable. I can’t seem to get enough of this breed. They’ve been traveling with me from the time they arrived at 9 weeks of age and I have a neighbor who’s fallen in love with them and babysits when I need to be away. Gloria



Hi Farica....yes I think she is beautiful too. I couldn't be more happy with her. She is definitely a spoiled baby. lol. She weighs 13 lbs. I don't mind though cuz she is hearty and healthy. I asked her groomer if she is too big and she said no she is not overweight you can still feel her ribs. She does love to eat though. lol. I love her and I would do it again in a heart beat....great breed. and everyone who meets her loves her.. My sister just got some foster kids and she is so good with them. She actually has to watch her own dog, but not mine...so it's nice to know I don't have to worry. I take her into the pet store...she doesn't want to ride in the cart...she wants mommy to hold her and just like a kid she will reach for me...it's so cute...I love it....You breed great dogs....keep it up.....I will be back for more one day...lol



Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that I've been sending a ton of people to your website. I work at a Chiropractic clinic up here in Maryland and I take Socks to work with me all the time. People are in love with her so they have all been asking where she came from. Hopefully you guys will hear from some of them. Shawna



We are in love with our little Lexie. She is absolutely adorable. The girls went back to college and my husband and I have her all to ourselves. She follows me around like a little puppy dog!! The flight worked out perfect. Thanks for everything. I'll be in touch.



Hi Farica,
We just wanted to write and send you a picture to let you know how FABULOUS our little Lola is. She is playful, cuddly and full of personality. We love her! Thanks for all your help and communication along the way. We appreciate all you have done for our "family".
Best, Mimi and Brandon



I just want to let you know that Noah is a big boy now he is completely house trained, he has learned how to win me over by howling when he wants my attention, he stands on his back feet and walks backwards for his treat and he has taken over the house. He listens very well and has not chewed up one thing he is so good. Here is a Picture of him waiting for his treats. Oh and boy does he love his bath.



HI! Am writing this e-mail to let you know that we are so happy to have Coco (Robin) apart of our family. She is just the sweetest dog i ever had. She just loves to be around people. She was trained so quickly and we just think of her as a blessing. We can't wait until we can give her a friend, believe me you will be the only people we trust and go to. You was so helpful with all the information you gave us and truthful. We don't even notice the overbite you told us about. I can't thank you enough. Thanks
Love Anita, David, & Davian



We bought Socks (aka bambie) from you back in Feb. My husband was anxious about having a dog in the house but to be honest...he's fallen in total love with her. Socks is just the sweetest dog ever. She is spoiled rotten and I don't even know if she knows that she's not human. She is part of our family. She defiantly filled that spot that we were missing.
Thank you guys so much for letting Socks be a part of our life. If it wasn't for you both we would have never found this perfect little girl and we would have spent forever looking for her.
Socks is doing very well. She has a ton of friends and gets spa treatments once every two months. Again. she's spoiled, and I'm totally fine with that. Again thank you guys for Socks. We love her...she's amazing and she is perfect. I recommend anyone using Scott and Farica. Not only because of the dogs but because these two people have hearts of gold and are the nicest people to work with. I send everyone to their site and I'll continue doing so as long as Scotts Puppy Palace is around.
God Bless you both
Bryan, Shawna, Courtney, and Socks Garrett



I just want you to know that I love Noah.. He is smart, gentle and loving.

My children gave him to me for Mothers Day, seems my daughter has two from you and her mother in-law and her sister- in- law and we all love our puppy's. Noah was easy to train and understands what you are saying. Thank you for taking the time to answer all questions without hesitation and thank you for not being a puppy mill. It is easy to see that any one who wins or purchases a puppy from you that they are getting way more then they paid for. The puppies are all taken well care of and that is easy to see.

Thank you again



Hi Farica!
Dante has been with us now for a year! We travel 10 hours to see Stephanie and he is so good to travel with! Steph loves it when we put a pillow on her lap in the wheelchair and Dante sits with her. His latest is gently standing up on the pillow and putting his front paws over her left shoulder. When he gets positioned he kisses her on the neck or ear. Stephanie loves him so much! He will plays tug with Stephanie with his toys and loves to cuddle her. He's always gentle and has learned "no teeth" so I never have to worry about him even play biting. Dante is very smart and he gives the cutest "hi five". They have so much fun, Stephanie gets to laughing so hard at Dante that tears will run down her cheeks because Dante is very enthusiastic about obeying his commands. He doesn't just lay down when he hears the command "down" he slaps the floor with his front paws. Since he did so well with Stephanie, Dante is beginning training as a therapy dog. He is very calm and adapts well to any situation. Dante is happy, healthy and very much loved. To say he's bright is an understatement. Thank you again for all the smiles and love you've given us by bringing us Dante.


Hi Scott & Farica,
I can not tell you how much we love our little guy. THANK YOU guys so much for:
letting me be the lucky owner of Leonardo. He is such a good little guy. When he has to go you have to be right there! haha and now. We had his first doctors visit on Monday, doctor said he is in perfect health and so cute, which we already knew. Leonardo likes to play with his food when he eats.
Leonardo also went to meet his groomer on Monday and got his little feet shaved
and his cute little face shaped so we can see those big beautiful brown eyes.
You two are great, you were so helpful.
I think flying with his sister was great. It took a couple days for him to adjust, but
you would think he has been here since day one now! I'll send pictures soon!
I highly recommend Scott and Farica to anyone who is looking for a beautiful
and healthy puppy. I had no idea of a designer breed dogs until NOW! I even learned something new.
Thanks again Scott you were so helpful, with all my questions and Farica you were so wonderful, about always calling me back. For those of you who are hesitant about sending that kind of money, DON'T be,
these are the most trustful people! and those are hard to find.
Bonnie W
Susanville, California


Hi Scott and Farica,
I just wanted to touch base with you about Kenzie
(Celine Dion Maltipom). I cannot believe what a
wonderful, hassle free puppy that I was so fortunate
to get. Not only is she the most sweetest, cutest and
loving puppy, she is simply a very good puppy. She is
fun, loving and loves to be held/pet. She is very
friendly to everyone, but has never once showed any
sign of being hyper....which with previous experience,
small dogs have the tendency to be. She rarely barks
and was immediately crate trained. She now just goes
to her crate without being told and we are able to
just keep the door to the crate open at all times.
Also, she was potty trained in only a few weeks
without much instruction. I know this doesn't happen
too often, but I'm glad that it happened for us!! She
has become one of the family and is such a delight!
My oldest daughter is the one who initially wanted a
puppy, but I am so glad she convinced us. Thank
goodness I love her so much because the days of my
daughter taking care of her ("I promise I will feed
her/take care of her, etc.") are long gone!! Ha! I was
so excited to see the new bunch of Maltipoms you had
on your website. I have a friend who just loves
Kenzie, so I will definitely make mention of it to
her. I'm sure that the next litter you have, I will
be making another purchase. By the way, is this
current litter from Kenzie's parents??? Anyway, I was
motivated to write you and express my praise to you
after seeing looking at your website for the first
time in a while....it is very obvious that you take
excellent care of your animals. Thanks again!!
~Sarah C.


Hi Scott and Farica - Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Buddy is doing awesome. He is such a good dog and just the cutest little thing ever. Everybody that sees him comments that he the cutest dog that they have ever seen. We love him so much and wanted to thank you again for giving him to us. Thanks again, Julie July Free Puppy Winner


Hey Farica,
I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our new baby. Our vet said that she is beautiful and healthy. He thought she was a perfect chi pup. Thank you so much for giving her such a great start in life. Everyone in our family is in love with Ellie. Ellie is doing great with her potty training and she sleeps all night. Ellie really likes her new big sister Bella the bull dog. Bella also really likes Ellie. I'm attaching a picture of Ellie's new home and a few other cute pics.
Thanks so much,


Just wanted to let you know that Angel is adapting very well! She thinks she is a bunny rabbit, really! She hops around wagging her tail and bopping everywhere! She is using the puppy pad VERY well. She is such a joy! She visited the vet on Monday and got an excellent report. Everyone is in love with her. Blue looks like a Great Dane next to her!!! Will send pictures when we take some.

Hi Scott & Farica, Just wanted to let you know I took Belle (Tinkerbelle) to the Vet and he said she looks great, very healthy, she's eating and drinking very well and is very playful, doing great with her housetraining and crating. We Love her so much, she is the sweetest little dog, everyone that sees her loves her, we took her to mall and everyone was commenting how beautiful she was and tiny. My kids are crazy for her and she gets so excited when she sees them, her little tail starts going so fast. Just wanted to thank you again, we couldn't be happier.


Hello Farica and Scott,
Just wanted you to know that Snowball is doing FANTASTIC!!! I hope you don't mind, but I did change his name to Sammy, he seems to respond to it (or maybe he just looks at me every time I talk?). He didn't get car sick on the way home at all and seems to love his new home! He hasn't shown any signs of stress.
I just love having him around and so does my mom. Not to mention my boyfriend, in fact, you would think Sammy was his!! I take him just about everywhere (as long as they allow pets he's there).
I took Sammy to the vet this morning and he said he thinks Sammy to be an above average puppy. His legs and knees are in great condition, there's no clef lip, and he has such a great demeanor. He was very impressed, and on top of that he thinks he's one of cutest of his kind. I'm very happy to hear that, as you can imagine. You personally made this a wonderful experience, it's evident that you really do care about these puppies.


Hi Scott,
I just want to let you know I took Slugger (Cubby) to
the vet yesterday. He told me you are one of the best
breeders he has seen and my puppy is in excellent
condition. No problems at all I am happy to report!!
Thank you so much for my little guy, I am giving your
website out to all my co-workers, they are so jealous
of my puppy! Everyone loves Slugger and he is a really
happy puppy. I will send pics once I get them.
Thanks again!!!


Hi Scott & Farica,
Just wanted to let you know that Sparky is doing very well in his new home. He gets along great with Chipper and we all adore him! He is smart and adorable and he hardly barks at all which is great! He seems to really be settling in well and we love having him. We'll send you pics as soon as we get them back. Thank you!


Hi Scott and Farica
sent some pics of Dallas (Dr Seuss) so that you can see how he is loving his new home. We are enjoying our new edition... thanks so much for the new family member...he's wonderful
Robin, Greg & Dakota


Hey Guys,
I just wanted to update you on Izzy (Doris Day) she is WONDERFUL!! She has such a great personality and so much fun. She gets along great with my other two dogs! Thank you so much we love her a bunch!


Hi Farica,
Ryan is doing really well. He's adjusted well and he's very playful
now. He really likes this one quacking ducky toy. He looked so
adorable when I picked him up. He's wearing the polo when he meets my
parents tomorrow. Potty training is going really well. He's only had 3 accidents
inside... he already has a favorite spot outside - the right side of a
tree in my backyard. His cold is going away well with his antibiotics. He's much healthier
now - sneezing a little bit here and there, but great. I love that he's such a cuddler. He always crawls next to me to sleep. He's just so sweet. He's the perfect puppy.
He loves sleeping right below my computer chair with his head on the
leg. I've attached some pictures I've taken including one of him
sleeping on my chair.
Thank you,


Good morning, Farica and Scott,
Spanky is now Duke. And where do I start with this little puppy? He is by far the best puppy we have ever had. I know, it's only been two days, but he is so at home and socialized. He loves the boys and their friends and adores the other dogs. He has a Sherpa that has a soft chew toy, a part of the blanket I brought him home from the airport in and a small blanket I knitted him. We leave the little door open, and he goes in on his own and when we put him in, he stays and sleeps (usually!). We zipped it yesterday when we attended our son's graduation and when we got home, he was fine. He whimpered last night when we zipped it and since he was in our room, I just brought him in bed with us. He slept until 5:45, without any wanting to get down or play. He is sleeping in my lap now! My youngest pup (2 years old this month, a Yorkie/bichon) is the most jealous, yet still plays and wags his tails with Duke. I can't wait to ride him around in my bike basket. Lets see if he will wear the goggles! He is eating and drinking very well. He is actually bigger than how we received our third dog, so Duke seems like a piece of cake! Waiting until he is 11 weeks old is the right way. I will fill you in as we go along. I also wanted to thank you for the prompt emails and phone calls. I am so glad I found you guys; you made this weird process of buying a puppy unseen, so much easier. I am going to try to enclose at least one picture with this letter. Thank you sooooooooo much!


Hi Scott and Farica.
We just wanted to update you on Will Smith (Cosmo). I (Heather) picked him
up from the airport on Friday, and tears of joy is the only way I could
describe my response. Don stayed with Martin (Formerly Buttons) so that he
could spend extra one on one time before we introduced him to our new
addition. It is hard to say or describe Martin's first response Don held
Martin and I held Cosmo and Martin would look at him and then look away.
Within 30-40 Min. Martin became very interested
and soon turned into "a mother Hen" He loves this new baby, he is always
cleaning his ears and face. He is very protective of Cosmo and is not fond
of strangers getting near him. If I let someone hold Cosmo Martin well sniff
him, and make sure he is O.K. when he returns, it has been a wonderful
experience for everyone. My husband and I are no longer #1 in Martins life,
Cosmo is, it's bittersweet. Cosmo had his first Vet check yesterday, and no
surprise her response was "This is one of the best bread Chihuahua's I have
seen", and when I gave her his records that you sent, she said " these are
very good breeders, I have never seen such thorough paperwork, and records,
you have a well cared for puppy" Just like when we got Martin. We want to
thank you so much for giving us the best pet experience, we are so happy and
proud of our two furry family members.
P.S. Cosmo has used his litter box two times on his own, I think Martin is
teaching him well.
Heather and Don
Seattle Washington.


Hi Scott and Farica,
I wanted to thank you both for the beautiful male Maltese puppy we purchased from you in December. His name was Polar Bear and now Teddy Bear. He is perfect! Lovable and sweet as well as smart. From the very first day we brought him home he has been a great puppy. He never cried during the night and doesn't whine if he isn't fed immediately. Was fully house broken at 5 months but would have been sooner had I had more time with him as I had planned. We have been so busy that I haven't had time to sit down and write you of him. Everywhere we take him he is loved and fussed over. He is quite a ham and he knows it! His trade mark of tilting his head when photographed has not changed...Here are some pics of him taken a week ago. Again we can't thank you enough for this wonderful gift you gave to our family, especially my daughter!


Scott and Farica,
We have had Redford, now Charlie for only for 6 days and he is very smart. He is doing great in the house training arena and we love him. This puppy is already catching on and we have only had him for 6 days! He is a great dog. The people in the neighborhood look at him and at first sight fall in love with him. Thank you so much for coordinating all of the past information with us and we are very happy with Charlie. Awesome service and again thanks you!
Thank you again and we will always recommend your service.
Rich, Mona, Sara and Lena
Please use our comments as you wish


I got little Jamesy today! He's perfect he's so adorable everything I could ask for and more! Definitely worth way more than I paid. I have bought 3 dogs on the internet before and I must say you guys are the best. Thank you so much for such good communication and great service I am so pleased with him. I will recommend you guys to everyone.
Thanks again, I will send some pictures


I can't believe he's already 4 months! I don't even know
where to start in describing my wonderful Panda...now known
as Hank. He's brought such a joy to Tony and my life. He is
the puppy I've always wanted and there's not a single person
who sees him and doesn't fall in love. He's such a people
dog. The once laid back Panda is so outgoing and has to know
what everyone is doing, and say hi to everyone and every dog
he sees, no matter what their size. I've had so many people
say that if they knew they could have a dog just like Hank,
with the same personality, they would get one today. I right
away refer them to you. I couldn't have asked for better
breeders during the process of getting him. Your love, care
and concern for your dogs is unlike most. It was obvious in
Hank's independence, behaviors, and ability to take proper
care of, he was used to such things like people, baths, and
brushing from the very start.
Hank was at the vet last week for his last booster shot and
he weighed 3lbs and 8oz. He's about 90% paper trained and
got his first hair cut yesterday. He's doing so well!!
I just want to really thank you for everything through the
process of getting my dear little Hank!
Hope things are wonderful!!
Shauna Date


Hi Scott and Farica...
Just wanted to give you and update on Lexie-Harmony
she is doing great...I got her fixed last Thursday and
she did great. Never even got sick or anything. She is
such a joy to have I cannot believe what a great dog
she is. She is loving and playful, wants to sit on my
lap all the time and listens super good and is the
cutest thing ever. Everywhere I go people want to pet
her and hold her and they ask me what breed she is.
Thank you so much for everything! I will definitely be
referring you guys to anyone that's looking to
purchase a puppy.


Hi Farica and Scott!
I just wanted to give you an update on Bella Rosa, now Mischa.
She got a clean bill of health from the vet right from the beginning.
She is now 6 pounds and she is happy and healthy. We love her to so
much! She is so much fun, so sweet! My other dog mothers her and they
play together all the time. She housetrained quickly, she is so smart!
I can't imagine our family without her in it. She is a constant
source of joy. When i finally put my pictures on the computer i will
email you some so you can see how she's grown. She is a beautiful
puppy. Her vet loves her too! You were right, she was more than
worth the wait.
Thanks! Jackie


Scott and Farica,
I just wanted to let you know I just received Gus (Pockets) 's papers in the mail. He is doing just great! He is so an wry! He gets his little self in trouble all the time! He defiantly thinks he is king of the house. But one look at his little face - how can you get mad!!! He has his last puppy checkup and booster shot this week, and he is healthy and strong. He is about 2.5 pounds now and full of energy! He is getting so fast, I can barely keep up with him! I took him to the beach of couple of weeks ago and he loved it!! (He loves to bark at dogs 5 times his size- it is so funny!) I take him everywhere with me and people stop me all the time and say how cute he is!!! Thanks so much for everything! He is such a joy to me and my family.
Thanks again!


Dear Farica and Scott:
Good morning! I have to admit that when I first decided to purchase Patches I was very concerned not only in doing business on-line but the safe arrival of the puppy after completing the purchase. You have both made this an incredible experience, you are extremely professional, and I most definitely will do business with you again (when I have a bigger house). Thank you thank you thank you! She is beautiful and oh so lovable. There are no words that can explain just how happy we are to have her. May your business continue to flourish and succeed. I wish you all the best.
Yours Truly,
Wisnelia and Claudia :)
Email received


Hi Scott and Farica,
Joe and I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Max is doing. He has adjusted to his new home in New York beautifully and gets along great with his big sister Miranda, they are already inseparable. Max has been in perfect health at all his vet visits and is growing nicely. He has a wonderful personality and is so much fun. He is almost fully housebroken and knows how to sit on command most of the time. Thanks again for making sure we got him before Christmas, it made the holiday so much nicer having him here. Have a happy new year.
Karen & Joe




Scott and Farica,
Today we got our first shot. The Vet. told us that he is one of the best
bread Chihuahua's she has ever seen. He is amazing, we love him so much. He uses
his litter box 80% of the time he is so smart. He is definitely attached to
my husband and I, if someone else is holding him and one of us walks by he
cries and wiggles until we pick him up, our employees want to know if he can
walk, because we carry him around every where we go. He sleeps through the
night, we keep him in our bed and he lays by our necks. He is doing so well
and we can't believe how sweet he is.
Thank you so much,
We will send photo's soon.
Heather and Don



I want to Thank you for all you made possible for me and Mikko (cotton top) I picked him up today and the entire way back home he was kissing me. He is a wonderful puppy and I am grateful to have him. Thank you very much, I will keep in contact with you, and I will always refer to your name if any of my friends are looking for dogs.
Thank you again,
Thunder bay, Canada


Hi Scott & Farica,
I wanted to update you on the wonderful baby "Tini" (beauty)
She is an absolute delight and a great companion for me. She is so smart, everyone loves her and she loves everyone too! My husband is crazy about her! She has had all of her shots except Rabies (November) and our Veterinarian is quite pleased with her health and well being. She is 5 lbs now!
We are feeding her organic and natural foods, to include Royal Canin. We cooked her turkey thighs over the weekend and she loves it! We could not imagine our family without her. Please see her boating pics below! Thank you for blessing us with Tini.
Best Regards,
Leslie, Juan & Tini Turruellas


Dear Scott and Farica
I would be so honored if you would use our letter as a reference for your site. I want everyone who is looking for a “teacup” to rest assured when they find your site that they will find a perfectly healthy, diligently socialized, exactly as you represented it to be puppies. We have always been a big dog family. I used to raise and rescue Great Danes! We had no experience with small dogs but my eleven year old daughter was determined to get a teacup puppy to take everywhere with her. We set very high goals for her to achieve in behavior, in chores, in grades and when she achieved them and still insisted it was all she wanted for Christmas, we knew we had to keep our promise. I reluctantly began a search and am so thankful that it ended at your site! Zoe arrived between Christmas and New Years and has charmed us all and everyone else she meets. She is now full grown at 4 lbs 1 oz. She goes everywhere with us and is so quiet and well behaved. She has such a wonderful disposition and so much personality. She didn’t like the cold or snow so when she first arrived, we trained her to use puppy pads inside, which she took to right away. Since the weather has been nice, she now prefers to go outside with the big dogs to do her business but will still use a pad if we need her to. (stuck inside an airport, etc.) She is now doing so well in her obedience classes that Mallory is starting to teach her tricks. From the vet to obedience class, to plays, movies and fine dining establishments everywhere people are amazed at her. We are so thankful to have her and so grateful to you. Thank you so much for bringing this amazing little bundle of love into our home.
Lori, Bob, Hub & Mallory Humphrey



Hi Farica!
We converged on Steph this weekend, Heather, her 25 year old sister, Pebbles, Heather's 13 week old pug, Leo, Heather's fiancée, Dante and I. It was great!! Dante was a major cuddler and Pebbles played tug with a toy. And the two dogs did their little wrestling thing. Steph laughed so hard tears were running down her cheeks. She says she likes Dante the best, but I knew that would happen Pebbles is so hyper. Dante was such a little gentleman, the cuddled, buried his nose in her neck and let her comfort him when we were under a fountain. Steph is a real cuddler/caregiver, it's a match made in heaven.
Dante seemed to know when Steph was having pain and was very gentle with her. I honestly think he knew, he went over when we took her out of the wheelchair and put his nose on her back, then when we laid her down he snuggled into below her elbow, by the middle of her back, and staid there until Steph started to relax, then when she had been out of the chair a while he moved up to her neck. His favorite spot to snuggle is the neck so I think he knew her back hurt. He did that twice.
I'm making a collage with Steph of pictures, and I think Dante is going to figure big if this visit is any indication.


Dear Farica & Scott,
I haven't talked to you in some time and wanted to give you an update on Gidget!
She's nine months old now & has been going to "day camp" at Pet Smart every day during the week so she's not home alone. She was their first camper in Las Vegas. They've spoiled her rotten & now she thinks she owns the place! She's had her picture in the paper & she rules the camp even though some of the other dogs are 10 times her size! She has 3 little other dogs that she has made her best friends. The counselors call them Gidget & her posse!  I'm sorry this took so long to write, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you went through with me to get Gidget into my life. It's hard to think back to life without her! She's beautiful, full of the devil, smart, loving & has the best personality! I couldn't have asked for a better friend & companion! Through her I have met many wonderful people. She has enriched my life in so many ways! I promise to send some pictures soon!
In the meantime if anybody has any doubts about getting a mixed breed puppy--- go for it---MORKIES RULE! Love to you & your family,
Paula & Gidget


Hello Farica and Scott
 I would love to thank you for the wonderful puppy you guys gave me. He is doing very well here. He is very playful with lots of energy (boy I could use a little bit of it haha), he is a very loving puppy (every morning I wake up to a lot of kisses and when the kids and husband get home they are welcomed with lots of love as well), he is very smart oh and all so he doesn't leave my side at all. He now weighs 7 lbs. 1 oz. I did the create training like you suggested it worked beautiful he is now potty trained. Thank you for all the help and advice that you gave me. He has been to the groomers 2 times now. We just wanted to say thanks again for such a lovely puppy.
Robin Lindsay


Hi Scott and Farica,
My name is Desiree. I got my wonderful Chihuahua, Riley (formally
Teacup Georgia) from you in January.
She is the love of our lives. I could not have asked for a more amazing
puppy. But she is still the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.
She is so playful and she loves to cuddle and give kisses. She is
absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to my fiancé and I. I
get so excited to get off work and go see her. Thank you so much for
everything! We love her!
Desiree Keenan


Scott and Farica,
Hi. I know you have used me for a reference before and I have changed
my e-mail address. This is my new one. So if you need to I would be
more then happy to share my pleasant experience with other potential
buyers. I just wanted to update you on Roxy (Missy). She is doing excellent.
She developed the talent of singing with me when I sing. She puts her
head up to the sky and howls. She is such a loveable little thing
with such an amazing personality. She is almost 9 months now, but
still tiny. Thank you so much for her.


Hi my name is Amberley. My husband David purchased a little Maltese by the name of frost a little before last valentine's day. I just want to say you guys must get the best. He has been so easy to train and has brought so much joy into our lives. He just has the best personality and we love him so much!!! I just wanted to say thanks again and if we ever decide to get another fur baby we will come to you guys!!!
Amberley & David



Dear Scott and Farica,
Lila , formally known as Betty Boop is doing great. She is everything we ever wanted.
She is so cuddly and sweet! Lila even litter box trained within a week. When I get home from school she is all playful and excited. Plus , she immediately learned to love everybody else in the family. Thank you so much for our new pup, Lila.


Dear Farica and Scott,
True to you word Bambi (aka Silver), a teacup silver haired Chihuahua,
is super sweet, adorable and playful. She is also very intelligent.
She has made my family happy especially my daughter Francesca.
Thanks, Jean


Hi Scott and Farica,
I thought I would give you an update on Scooby (Teacup Blue). He is doing great and is the cutest, sweetest little Chihuahua. I still get excited everyday to come home from work and see him. He runs right up to me and wants me to pick him up to cuddle. Sometimes I take him to work with me and everybody loves him. They have made him the office pet. I definitely would recommend you to anybody looking to get a teacup puppy. Thanks again for the great puppy!
P.S. Chase (Lucky), my Mom's dog is doing great also.
Kristin Kruiswyk


Dear Scott and Farica,
 Just wanted to say hello. Your little Bella or as we call her Roxy. She is the love of our life. So loving, sweet, and adorable. She is such a sweetheart. Thank you so much for blessing our family with her presence. We lost our 17 year Shepherd 10 days ago. It has been such a blessing to have Roxy to help ease the sadness. WE LOVE HER SO MUCH! My husband talks baby talk to her. You're  were so right Farica he loves her. I will send a few photos in the next couple of days
Take care
Christina Cody and Family


I wanted to thank you and your wife for working so diligently on getting the
best dog for my home and making my decision, purchase and pick-up so easy.
I know we could not have been blessed with a better pet.
Please be sure to post on your website this information. Anyone considering
adopting a new family member, should look no further. You and your family
clearly breed and place nothing but pure puppy perfection!
Lacey has made herself at home and is doing very well. She's beautiful,
happy and healthy. Thank you again. I will be sure to tell anyone who asks
where to look if interested in adopting a new puppy.


Hi Scott and Farica,
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Roxy...formally known as Missy. I have traveled back up to New York and every plane we have been on everyone says how well behaved she is because she doesn't make a sound. Everyone thinks she looks like a little deer and often refer to her as "Bambi" instead of a Chihuahua. She has such spunk and a funny personality and I could not ask for a more loving companion as she.
Thanks so much,
Michelle Ferrigno




Dear Scott and Farica,
I 'm writing to update you on the absolutely wonderful dogs I have purchased from you. My little herd of three female Chihuahuas has been complete as of February 23 when I brought little "Pebbles" home. I am so amazed at the fact that I bought three Chihuahuas from you, and all three have such stable, loving personalities, not to mention that they are all as cute as can be and attract compliments everywhere they go. Besides having perfect temperaments around humans, they get along perfectly well with each other. On top of everything else, they make excellent, super attentive watchdogs. They are a joy to have and I LOVE THEM! I hope that everyone that is looking for a Chihuahua finds your website. Early last year, I did have a very sad experience with another website that ended up tragically plus put me out of pocket an additional two thousand on vet bills. Thank you so much for providing such wonderful healthy dogs and for your excellent assistance throughout the process of the three purchases.
All the best,



Dear Farica and Scott,
The Weiner Family cannot thank you enough for bonding our family even more
with the addition of "Bella." This Maltese is by far the sweetest, most
adorable and proud princess of our home. When she arrived with her cousin
Paco, a Chihuahua that my sister bought from you it was just an absolute
special day for both families. Bella and Paco live across the street from
one another and are "best friends." Within a month, another sister
purchased a Chihuahua from you, Buster, who has brought such joy to their
lives. A year later, my brother, purchased Bentley, another perfectly
healthy and happy Maltese. I couldn't imagine not having Bella, Paco,
Buster or Bentley in our lives. You have provided more than just a
service, you created a FAMILY for all four of us.
With sincere gratitude and thanks,
Rich. Lori, Brett, Brandon, Bella
Arte, Susie, Jordan, Paco
Bob, Cher, Rusty, Buster
Paul, Lisa, Alex, Ariana, Bentley



Hi Scott and Farica,
Tabatha is doing fantastic. She now weighs 3 pounds and is now 8 months
old. She is a wonderful, well behaved doggie. I still take her to work with
me every morning. Many people tell me that they have never seen such a well behaved Chihuahua. Whenever I say the words "what are you doing" she puts her head
and paws down and looks up at me so innocently.
Thank you again for a beautiful tea cup doggie. She is the love of my life and everyone
here at the University of Miami. She is the mascot to our 2nd floor in
Hugs, Cindy
Coral Gables, Florida



Hi Scott and Farica,
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Roxy...formally known as Missy. I have travelled back up to New York and every plane we have been on everyone says how well behaved she is because she doesn't make a sound. Everyone thinks she looks like a little deer and often refer to her as "Bambi" instead of a Chihuahua. She has such spunk and a funny personality and I could not ask for a more loving companion as she.
Thanks so much,



Scott and Faricca,
Thank you so much! Cowboy has arrived safely and Farica was right.
His photos don't do him any justice!! He's absolutely adorable!
We are so pleased to welcome the newest addition to our family!!
Thanks again,



Sorry it has taken so long for me to email you. I just wanted to let you know that Mia is happy and healthy. She is so smart and very loving. I am really enjoying her. The cats even like her and play with her. I am still working on potty training but it is getting better. I wanted to know what you recommend I get for chew bones for her.
Barbara Herford



Dear Scott and Farcia,

I cannot express the amount of joy this tiny little puppy has brought into our lives.....

She is the sunshine in all our days.....and particularly mine.

She goes non stop all day long.... she will collapse for an hour or two and then **** !!!!! she is wide awake and at it again.....

She is totally piddle pad trained and she is eating and drinking every 3-4 hours..... she is so smart.... she knows the command to sit already!!

The house has become her play pen..... she will take her toys from one room to the other and place them in her crate or her little tent. She provides us with non-stop entertainment and lavishes her puppy love and kisses on all who stop to say hello.... everyone who has seen her will say they have never seen a puppy like Bella..... I am handing out your website to all ....

I cannot thank you enough for insisting that I adopt this puppy.
I have raised dogs all my life long and I have never had such a puppy.
She is loved and pampered by everyone in our home.




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