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Puppy Biting Training

Are you looking for information about puppy biting training? When you get a puppy, you have to be under the realization that for the first couple of months, anarchy will rage at your house. It will take some time for your new puppy to get adjusted to the rules of your home.

Oh sure, they are cute, precious, adorable, fluffy, and, ummm, even more adorable, but expect your house to look like you hired the Three Stooges as movers for a little while.

This is because when you buy a puppy, you are essentially buying a giant ball of an energy, or, more precisely, a big ball of untrained energy. It will tear things up, it was claw, it will dig, and you better believe that it will bite. As with a child, a puppy has to be taught how to control these emotions.

While a puppy biting may be fun and games for them, they have to be trained that it is in fact a bad thing to bite.

First things first: start training your dog as soon as you can. Just because you canít teach an old dog new tricks doesnít mean itís easy to teach a young one. Expect a long process filled with small victories and relapses.

For a puppy biting is instinct and it is as much about fun as it is about defense. This first thing you need to do is not treat it like itís fun. If a puppy bites your hand show it that your not happy. Loudly say ďouchĒ or better yet, ďYelpĒ.

This way the puppy knows that you are not enjoying itís games and it will know to go easier on you. If he bites you donít be afraid to get up and stop playing with him. Leave the room, show him some tough love. let him know that if he bites, playtime is over.

Itís important to keep up this puppy biting training as long as he even gives you a little bit of his teeth. Praise him when he licks, praise him when he plays and doesnít snap, and, punish him when he doesnít.

Itís going to take a while to get him fully in the non biting cycle, so donít be discouraged by any slip-up. Be sure to also get him plenty of chew toys and teach him that if he wants to bite, these are the things to do them on.

When the puppy is around six months old, enroll them in a obedience class so that he can learn commands and socialize with other dogs. Hopefully by that time your puppy should be well on his way out of the puppy biting phase.



We will be posting more articles and information about puppies and other cool stuff real soon!

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Crate Training Puppy 

Are you trying to potty train your new puppy with the crate training method? Crate training resolves the difficulties and risks associated with the dog that dashes uncontrollably in and out of doors are easily resolved once we complete our foundation crate training and behavioral modification. Once you and your dog have mastered the skills of controlled dog crate entry and exit, it's easy to transition those skills to going in and out of other enclosures, rooms, vehicles, and other environmental boundaries under explicit command and reliable, obedient control.



Puppy Crate Training Commands 

The three crate training commands associated with crate training and related obedient behaviors are Crate, Wait, and Come Out. Practice saying these commands before embarking on your first training session with puppy. Be consistent. Assume the same body position and posture and say these commands the same way each time you give them.



Rules For Puppy Crate Training

What are the rules for puppy crate training? Crate training is absolutely indispensable for the purposes of housetraining the puppy. Unless you are able to keep your eyes on your puppy 24 hours a day seven days a week, you will not accomplish adequate housetraining.



Why You Should Crate Train Your Puppy

There are many reasons why dog crate or dog kennel training should be at the forefront of training your puppy or dog. While there are those who claim that use of a crate to contain their dog is "cruel," these folks are unfortunately ill-informed about fundamental canine development and behaviors, not the least of which is the instinct to sleep in a den which is a characteristic of all dog breeds.



How To Select Your Dog Crate

Come inside for the Top 10 Tips on How To Select Your Dog Crate. There are a variety of dog crate manufacturers, models and types available on the market today. Having such a wide selection makes it easier to choose and acquire a crate that can be used for puppy housetraining, secure times in the house, and as a safety vehicle dog restraint in the car or truck.



Puppy Toilet Training

Are you looking for information about puppy toilet training? Below is a step by step method of puppy toilet training tips to ensure your sweet new furry family member is potty trained in no time at all!



Puppy Biting Training

Are you looking for information about puppy biting training? When you get a puppy, you have to be under the realization that for the first couple of months, anarchy will rage at your house. It will take some time for your new puppy to get adjusted to the rules of your home.



Crate Training Your Puppy

Are you looking for information about crate training your puppy? New puppies need a lot of care, and the best way to keep them safe and out of trouble, and to make them feel secure while youíre gone, is with crate training.



Potty Training a Puppy

Are you looking for information about potty training a puppy? Potty Training Your Puppy - How Easy Is It? Can you be awake and with your puppy 24 hours a day - seven days a week? No - we didn't think so! Unless you can don't expect your puppy to be fully house trained and accident free until he is at least 6 months old.



Training a Puppy

Are you looking for information about training a puppy? Puppy Training - Getting the Right Balance: Puppy training, whilst essential for any new dog owner, isn't something you can do all day. Like any infant, your puppy has a short attention span, wants to play a lot and requires a lot of sleep too, of course. On the other hand, you have a busy life too so you need to get your puppy training in the nooks and crannies of both your lives.



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