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Preventing Yorkie Puppy Allergies

Today many Yorkie dogs suffer from allergies. Some allergies in puppies are caused by insect bites and the environment. Pollen, dust, flea bites, insect bites and weather changes can all trigger allergic reactions for your puppy.

Diets are sometimes the cause of allergies. Just like we as humans can sometimes be allergic to specific foods Yorkie's and dogs can also suffer from the same. If you notice that your Yorkie puppy is itching, scratching at the paws or other parts of he body you can either try and switch the diet with different ingredients or a better option is have your Veterinarian examine your baby.

We sometimes are bit by mosquitoes, red ants and other insects that cause itching and swelling as well do Yorkie's and dogs. Flea bites, tics and other insects can bite and live in your puppies fur or coat. Your Illinois Veterinarian will provide you will special medication to avoid these problems. If you notice swelling or constant itching then your Yorkie puppy is probably suffering from one of these.

Don't worry! These problems are controllable by medications and testing of what your Yorkie puppy might be allergic to. No matter what, don't wait for the problem to get worse.



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