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Poodles Teacup "The History of Teacup Poodles"

The Teacup Poodle is a very tiny dog. It is smaller than a Toy Poodle. The Teacup Poodle ranges in weight from two to four pounds. The Toy Poodle is ten pounds at maturity. The Teacup Poodle is one of those dogs which people love to dress in different outfits. They are groomed to have bows in their hair and usually taken to a salon for grooming treatments. These dogs are very pleasant dogs to have around because they are non-shedding and love companionship. They are intelligent, perceptive and elegant dogs. They are very obedient and really are very patient with their sometimes very strange owners.

They are usually carted around in a ladies purse or a designer carrier. They are always the center of attention and are quite popular in Hollywood. Celebrities love this dog because of its size and because they can take it anywhere they go. They need to be consistently groomed to keep their fur free from matting and messiness, but the time needed to groom such a tiny dog is very short.

Teacup Poodles are very expensive dogs. They are considered designer dogs and their price tags express this. The price of a Teacup Poodle can range anywhere between eight hundred and one thousand dollars and come in many colors. Their popularity is due to their size and the fact that they are very easy to maintain. Their origins go back centuries when Poodles were used in traveling circuses in Europe. They were used as performers for entertainment purposes.

The early years of royalty caught on to the craze of the performing Poodles and most had Poodles with them courtside. They soon became very pampered pets, a trait which has carried on today. But one must consider the Teacup Poodle's size when choosing a Poodle for a family pet. A two to four pound dog is a very delicate dog and one must think twice before adopting one of these pets if there are young children or irresponsible children in the home.

Teacup Poodles should be no taller then eight inches tall or weigh more then four pounds. These dogs are very healthy dogs as long as get the proper nutrition in their diets. Sometimes they can get a low sugar hit and a little karo syrup on your finger will take care of this problem. But if food is left out for him during the day there should not be any problem of low sugar.

However healthy these dogs are they are considered to be quite fragile and delicate. They cannot jump off or on a bed or sofa and must be watched carefully so they do not fall off. They can very easily break one of their legs if they were to fall off a bed or a sofa. These dogs are great fun to have around and quite the conversation piece because of their size. They are easy to care for and have a genuine personality and will be very loyal to their owner.

As a dog lover, Lisa Collins is a big fan of all types of Poodles. All of the Poodle types originated in France many centuries ago. Poodle information in libraries and the Internet will contain much material on the Teacup Poodle.







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