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Labrador Retriever Dog Breed

Description: The Labrador Retriever is a sturdily built, medium to large sized dog used primarily for hunting and as a companion. The dog is strongly muscled with a powerful jaw, but is renowned for its delicacy in carrying objects in its mouth. The Labrador male dog should be between 22 Ĺ" to 24 Ĺ" at the withers, with the bitch an inch less in both measurements. A top weight for the dog would be 80 pounds, and 70 pounds for the female. The Labrador coat can be yellow or cream, chocolate, or black, and the colors must be solid. A touch of white on the chest is permitted.

Temperament: The Labrador Retriever is renowned for its equable, friendly disposition. Labradors are enthusiastic and loyal dogs and are gentle and kind with children. Despite their reputation as hunting and retrieval dogs, Labs get along well with dogs and other animals. Because Labrador Retrievers are trusting and friendly, they generally are not utilized as guard dogs. The Labradors are widely used as rescue and helper dogs, however.

History: Settlers on the isle of Newfoundland, Canada, are responsible for helping to develop the Labrador breed. The progenitor of the Labrador Retriever was the St. Johnís Water Dog, which also gave rise to the Newfoundland. The St. Johnís Water Dog was used by fishermen on the island to help bring in their nets.

The St. Johnís Water Dog was taken to England in the 1800s, but it was not until later that the Labrador breed began to emerge on its own. This is due mostly to the fact that the Earls of Malmesbury worked to refine the breed and promote it. Because of their efforts, the Labrador Retriever won recognition as a separate breed in the late 19th century.

Health Issues: Fortunately, the Labrador Retriever is a basically healthy breed not encumbered with too many serious genetic problems. As can happen in the larger breeds, the Labrador can suffer from elbow or hip dysplasia. Knee problems might also surface and exercise induced collapse can also affect these dogs. Ear infections can occur as the soft, pendulous ears restrict air flow and help to create an environment suitable for bacterial growth. The Labradors ears should be checked and cleaned regularly to help prevent infections.

Grooming: Although the Labrador Retriever is a short-haired dog, there are shedding and coat concerns that should be addressed. The yellow dogs have a tendency to shed continuously, and need to be brushed frequently, at least several times a week. The black Labs lose most of their coat twice a year, but do not shed much otherwise. The chocolate Labradors shed heavily during the summer.

Both the black and chocolate varieties should be brushed once a week to remove dead hairs and spread the coatís oil evenly. Although there are many different types of grooming tool available, the most the average owner will need is just a good, basic brush.

Living Conditions: Since the Labrador Retriever is basically an outdoor hunting dog, it is capable of living outside as long as it has a snug doghouse. But, as with most hunting dogs, the Labradors are a human-orientated dog and is much happier when allowed to live in the house with the family. These dogs enjoy interacting with their human friends and keeping them inside will only reinforce their attachment to their owners.

Labrador Retriever Yellow puppy Labrador Retriever Black dog Labrador Retriever dog Labrador Retriever Chocolate Dog


If you can't find a local breeder in your area don't worry, many breeders are using the major airlines like American, Delta, Continental and Northwest airlines for shipping their puppies.

At this time the airlines will ship puppies to the following States: Alabama AL - Alaska AK - Arizona AZ - Arkansas AR - California CA - Colorado CO - Connecticut CT - Delaware DE - Florida FL - Georgia GA - Hawaii HI - Idaho ID - Illinois IL - Indiana IN - Iowa IA - Kansas KS - Kentucky KY - Louisiana LA - Maine ME - Maryland MD - Massachusetts MA - Michigan MI - Minnesota MN - Mississippi MS - Missouri MO - Montana MT - Nebraska NE - Nevada NV - New Hampshire NH - New Jersey NJ - New Mexico NM - New York NY - North Carolina NC - North Dakota ND - Ohio OH - Oklahoma OK - Oregon OR - Pennsylvania PA - Rhode Island RI - South Carolina SC - South Dakota SD - Tennessee TN - Texas TX - Utah UT - Vermont VT - Virginia VA - Washington WA - Washington, D.C. - West Virginia WV - Wisconsin WI - Wyoming WY - Hawaii HI.


Labradors Are Awesome: Compilation

Labradors are one of the cutest and intelligent breed of dogs. For all of you lab lovers out there check out this awesome compilation of some of our favorite.




Dogs101 Labrador Retrievers

one of my favorites dogs on animal planet now its full enjoy :)




Getting to know more about Labradors

Heavy Petting: Anchor, Keith Sequeira flags off Heavy Petting -- Know your Breed special series with Labradors.




Pros & Cons of a Labrador Retriever | Dog Breeds

See what you can learn on the go with the new Howcast App for iPhone and iPad: http://bit.ly/11ZmFOu Watch more How to Understand Dog Breeds videos.




Labrador puppies in slow motion

PUPPIES of FIRE. 7 weeks old lab pups running to the theme song from the movie Chariots of Fire. Filmed using the Canon HV30.




Labradors trash my pool

Daisy's at it again, this time she and Murphy trash my pool and take over my ski tube. What a mess !




Little Labradors Get a Baby Pool





Smart Cute Labrador Dog defending the house against a "dangerous" intruder

Traste defends the house against and ugly Ninja that tries to break in. This is a "home made short film" that I made with the help of Traste, a year and a ha...



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