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How To Keep Your Yorkie's Teeth Clean

Most pet owners don't think about dog dental care. But it's important for the health of your dog. And with small dogs, like Yorkshire Terriers, regularly scheduled caring for the teeth and gums can prevent your loyal lap dog from developing future expensive and major health problems. Now, brushing Yorkie teeth can be challenging.

After all, that spirited nature can present a formidable obstacle. But, as a good pet owner, you're going to have to persevere and clean your Yorkie's teeth at least twice a week. Some vets recommend daily cleaning. If you're a Yorkie puppy owner, then you're in luck. You can quickly make this a regular regimen early in your puppy's life and he'll be none the wiser. In fact, your puppy will probably enjoy the regular attention of the cleaning.

If your Yorkie has moved beyond the puppy stage and teeth cleaning is something new. You'll have to assert yourself a bit until your dog realizes this is just going to happen, so why fight it. Fortunately, dog toothpaste comes in an assortment of flavors (beef, chicken, etc.) that your Yorkie will like.

Is Yorkie teeth cleaning worth it?

Of course it is. You want your Yorkie to remain healthy. Even though Yorkies don't get cavities, these small dogs with small jaws are prone to gum disease. If left untreated, this could lead to very painful irritation and, eventually, tooth loss. The build up of food and plaque can lead to periodontal disease. When left untreated, dental diseases can spread throughout the body, causing heart and kidney issues.

And if the health of your Yorkie isn't enough incentive, you might want to consider vet costs. These diseases can lead to pet medical bills in the thousands of dollars. So, there's no question about it. Good dental hygiene is good for your Yorkie (and your wallet).

Another benefit, is prevention of bad breath. By keeping that bad gum bacteria at bay, you'll be keeping your Yorkie's breath clean and fresh. Which will make those kisses and licks much more palatable.

How to keep your Yorkie's teeth and gums clean

One simple method is to feed your Yorkie tartar control biscuits and bones. These treats can prevent build-up around your Yorkie's gums. But the main solution, is to brush your Yorkie's teeth. It's actually quite a simple process.

Squeeze a small amount of dog toothpaste on a tooth brush (finger brushes are great for Yorkies). Dog toothpaste usually comes in flavors that the dog will enjoy, such as chicken and beef.
Spread your Yorkie's mouth to expose the teeth.

Apply the toothbrush bristles to the gum line and in a gentle circular motion, brush the teeth. After you're finished brushing, you can use a rinse made for dogs.

Reward your Yorkie with some playtime or a walk. Remember, you want your Yorkshire Terrier to look forward to this special time with you.


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