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Foods Poisonous to Your Yorkie

It's critical that you know what foods are toxic for Yorkie Terrier dogs. Due to the Yorkie's small size, even the smallest amount of the wrong foods can lead to serious illness or death. Make sure you make a mental note of these foods or post them in your kitchen as a reminder.

Toxic foods that can harm your Yorkie

Below are several common types of food that can be poisonous to your Yorkie. For a more complete resource, we highly recommend visiting the ASPCA Poison Control website.

Xylitol: Found in sugarless candy and chewing gum, Xylitol can shut down your dog's liver so fast that an emergency trip to the vet will be in order. This is extremely dangerous stuff, so don't leave gum or candy lying around where it can be easily sniffed out by your pet.

As you know, if it's remotely accessible, Yorkies will find it. We experienced this recently with one of our small dogs. He found a pack of sugarless gum on a table and ate several sticks. Shortly, our poor dog was vomiting, lethargic and in obvious pain. We rushed him to the vet, fearing the worse, and through some miracle he pulled through. Today, we keep all gum and candy well out of range.

Chocolate: Chocolate contains Theobromine, which is highly toxic to dogs. Even small doses, especially in your little Yorkie, can cause nervous and cardiovascular problems.

Grapes and raisins: Grapes and raisins can be highly lethal to your Yorkie dog. They can trigger kidney failure, first slowing the production of urine and then increasing the toxicity. If your Yorkie gets into either of these items, contact your vet as you may need to induce vomiting or get their stomach pumped.

Dark turkey meat and turkey skin: Dark turkey meat and turkey skin has been shown to cause pancreatitis in dogs. This needs to be monitored closely especially during the holidays when friends and family are over and may drop a few tasty morsels as a kind gesture.

Onions and garlic: Onions and Garlic, in moderate quantities, have a tendency to create issues with your dogs red blood cells causing them to burst as they circulate in the body.

Avocado fruit: Yes, it's a fruit, not a vegetable. Avocado fruit, pits and the plant can trigger fluid retention in your pets lungs, heart and pancreas. This can lead to difficulty in breathing and lack of oxygen, leading to death.

Nuts: Some nuts, especially macadamia and walnuts, can trigger pancreatitis. Some dogs may also be allergic to nuts, much as humans, and this can also be deadly.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms contain toxins that can bring on seizures, vomiting and death if ingested.

It's important to note that if your Yorkie dog ingests any toxic foods, contact your veterinarian or ASPCA Poison Control at 888-426-4435. Bottom line, don't feed your Yorkie people food. There are plenty of great dog treats available online and in pet stores today. Your Yorkie Terrier will be just as happy with pet treats made especially with his or her health in mind.




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