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How To Feed Your Yorkie Puppy

Feeding your yorkie puppy is the most important thing to do for your yorkie puppy. Feeding your yorkie puppy is a big responsibility.

Feeding your new yorkie puppy properly ensures proper muscle growth, bone growth and good health. Do not make the mistake of thinking that if you don't feed your yorkie puppy a lot of food that it will stay tiny. You will not be able to do this and will cause harm to your yorkie puppy, so do not even think about holding back on your yorkie puppy's food.

Yorkie Puppies need to be fed at frequent intervals and at the same times each day. Feed your yorkie puppy at least 4 times a day and make sure the food is softened with water or milk. The yorkie will have high activity and will be growing so your yorkie puppy needs to eat. You should always leave kibble food out for them. You can cut feeding your yorkie puppy back to 2-3 times a day after your yorkie is 6 months old. Always keep clean water out for your yorkie and change it every time you feed your yorkie puppy.

Feed them a quality dog food such as Iams for puppies, you can also mix it kibble with this canned puppy food. Your yorkie puppy must eat 3-4 times a day. Read the can if have any questions about the feeding. Do not skimp on feeding your yorkie puppy. The yorkie puppies needs it's nutrition to grow properly. If you want to try to force your yorkie puppy to stop growing, you will not be able to do this, you will, however, cause harm to your yorkie puppy.

Once your yorkie is one year old, you can introduce other healthy foods such as fresh vegetables. Vegetables are great for yorkies. They love carrots, green peppers and red peppers, dice up a few pieces and give them this little treat. Yorkies also enjoy little pieces of apples. The vegetables helps clean their teeth and palate. Do not give yorkies onions or celery though because those could be stringy and cause choking.

Do not give your yorkie grapes or chocolate, those are toxic. If you have any questions about people food, talk to your vet. My vet thinks it's amazing and awesome that our yorkies love their vegetables.



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