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Privacy Policy

Famous Customers, Famous Yorkies and Friends!

Some of Our Famous Customers include

Gary Allan the famous Country Artist.

Erik Estrada from the T.V. Show "CHIPS"



Terry and Donna Martin of "Martin Archery"

The Bacardi Family

International Singing Sensation and 9 Time Grammy Nominee "Jose Jose" who has sold over 40 Million Records and has his Own Hollywood Star of Fame.



International Pop Star "Thalia" over 12 Million Records Sold.

Talk Show host Cristina of "The Cristina Show".

Carly and Benji Gill "Former Miss Texas and Major League Baseball Player"

Christopher Laue who produced the last opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics.

The Emmy Award Winner for Make-up from C.S.I. New York.



Former Miss Teen Nevada "Georgina Vaughan"

Tania Ante "One of Brittany Spears Original Dancers"




Cindy Papale Author of the recently released book "The Empty Cup Runneth Over"

Gigi Grant "Former Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader"

Singer Kristin Diable Here's her website    www.kristindiable.com

Megan Rochelle

Whether it's the Rich and Famous or everyday people like my wife and I we do our very best to treat everyone with kindness and honesty. I believe that is the Secret to our Success and we're not going to change.




At this time we ship to the following States: Alabama AL - Alaska AK - Arizona AZ - Arkansas AR - California CA - Colorado CO - Connecticut CT - Delaware DE - Florida FL - Georgia GA - Hawaii HI - Idaho ID - Illinois IL - Indiana IN - Iowa IA - Kansas KS - Kentucky KY - Louisiana LA - Maine ME - Maryland MD - Massachusetts MA - Michigan MI - Minnesota MN - Mississippi MS - Missouri MO - Montana MT - Nebraska NE - Nevada NV - New Hampshire NH - New Jersey NJ - New Mexico NM - New York NY - North Carolina NC - North Dakota ND - Ohio OH - Oklahoma OK - Oregon OR - Pennsylvania PA - Rhode Island RI - South Carolina SC - South Dakota SD - Tennessee TN - Texas TX - Utah UT - Vermont VT - Virginia VA - Washington WA - Washington, D.C. - West Virginia WV - Wisconsin WI - Wyoming WY - Sorry we don't ship to Hawaii HI.





Used Heart for Sale
It Would Be You
Smoke Rings in the Dark
Alright Guy
See If I Care
Tough All Over
Greatest Hits
Living Hard

Visit Gary Allan's Web site to purchase his Music at  WWW.GARYALLAN.COM






 Erik Estrada


Erik now carries 3 REAL law badges, he also travels extensively to work with law enforcement. He puts in his time in Muncie with the Police Department and is a Deputy Sheriff in Bedford County, Virginia. Erik is also on a federal task force called Blue Ridge Thunder I.C.A.C. (Internet Crimes Against Children) and has assisted in bringing in 2 really BAD pedophiles in off the Internet. We are Proud of you Erik. Keep up the Great Work!


Visit Erik's Official Web site at www.erikestrada.com





Visit Cristina's Web site Here  www.cristinaonline.com




Georgina VaughnMiss Teen

Hi how are you? I bought little Romeo a yorkie from you over a year
ago now....and I was just sitting here playing with him and it made
me want to visit your site and look at all the adorable puppies :) I
take him out with me all the time and refer people to your site I
just could not be happier with Romeo so a year later I wanted to say
thank you so much! I have attached a picture of him for you so you
can see how he has grown up! Good luck with everything!

Georgina Vaughan, an 18-year-old teen from Las Vegas is currently the reigning Miss Nevada Teen USA and will be representing the State of Nevada in the Miss Teen USA pageant in August.

Georgina has plans on attending Parsons Design School or Brooks College in Long Beach, CA. Last year, she completed an internship with the Friedmutter group and she recently launched her own shoe line, Georgieís Fashions. She hopes to expand her line to include clothing and handbags. Georgieís Fashions can be found at the Hard Rock Hotel, Bounce at Boca Park and Traciís Watermark.





International Pop Star "Thalia" over 12 Million Records Sold.    

She was given the Chihuahua Puppy "PICASO" by
Talk Show host Cristina of "The Cristina Show"

Visit Thalia's Web Site at WWW.THALIA.COM




Jose Jose

"Jose Jose" who has sold over 40 Million Records and has his Own Hollywood Star of Fame.




Hilda Bacardi

HILDA BACARDI of the Famous "BACARDI" Family purchased the two puppies "MANGO & KIWI" on the left in the picture below. Hilda is one of our all time favorite customer.





Megan Rochelle

Megan Rochell is the proud new owner of "Cash" the Morkie Puppy.





Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars

Here is Ashley's Official  website www.ashleybenson.net  




Lots of Famous People love Yorkies and Morkies.
Check out these below to give you an idea of how popular these breeds are!



Brittany Spears with New Yorkie London

Suzanne McCabe

Paris Hilton with Yorkie Cinderella


Carmen Electra with Yorkie Daisy

Donnie Osmond with his Yorkie Spike

Molly Sims with Yorkie Poupette and Princess

Missy Elliot with Yorkie Poncho

Vanessa Williams with Yorkie Enzo

Phoebe Price with Yorkie Harry

Orlando Bloom with his Yorkie Frankie

Gisele with Yorkie Vida

Whitney Houston


Kevin Jonas and his Yorkie Buddy!

Miley Cyrus with
http://www.scottspuppypalace.comYorkie Shooter

Heather Graham and her Yorkie puppy

Naomi Watts and Yorkie Tipper

Natalie Portman and her Yorkie Baby

Jay Mohr and his Yorkie Maibel

Hillary Duff and her Yorkie



More of Our Famous Customers, Friends and Puppy Pictures!



Teacup Morkie  Golden Morkie










Teacup Chihuahua


Here is Tabitha Papale and Her mommy Cindy Papale.                        

The author to the upcoming book "The Empty Cup Runneth Over" to be released by Dorrance Publishing Company in May, 2008.

Email Cindy at tabitha54@gmail.com for more information about her book or visit her web site www.theemptycuprunnethover.com

Cindy & Tabitha is the Limo

The book is to help educate all young women and men about breast cancer.

Cindy's Book The Empty Cup Runneth Over made the top ten best seller list with Dorrance Publishing Company.



Gigi Grant

Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Gigi Grant




Free Puppy Winner

This is a picture of me with my daughter Nancy and my Great granddaughter Alannah -Kate on her first birthday 3/13/09 ELMO was the Surprise guest.. I was the April 20th Winner Thought it would be nice to place a face with a name. Catherine picked out Teacup Princess the Chihuahua Puppy.



Dear Farica and Scott,


I have been meaning to write you for a couple of months now.....I was just visiting your page and looking a your adorable puppies and decided to drop you a line....I have to tell you "Timmy" who is now known as Gino is unbelievable...he really is the sweetest natured little dog I have ever met...  If you remember, we lost our little yorkie to a hit and run on July 3rd....it was an extremely hard time for us- we had Max for almost 10 years.. We decided to get another dog but decided on a Morkie because getting a pure Yorkie would remind us too much of Max.  After putting a deposit on another morkie from a different breeder we found your website and I spoke to Farica on the phone- I felt so comfortable and secure with her as a breeder that I cancelled the other dog and ended up getting a morkie and my brother got his brother- I am just stating this because I am not sure if you remember...you were AWESOME!!!!!  Both my brother and I have the cutest, most adorable little guys- thank you thank you ..thank you....By the way, I agree with your philosophy about  breeding and the temperaments of the dog....Ginos' parents must have been so sweet, because I have not seen one aggressive trait in him since we have had him...not one growl or anything...just so sweet..and we have a friend who also has a morkie from a different breeder...spent half as much as us....and her little guy bites and growls a lot....


Here is a little picture of Gino- Thank you for making us so happy!!


Christina and Eric

Morkie    Morkie Puppies






Hi Scott and Farica - Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Buddy is doing awesome. He is such a good dog and just the cutest little thing ever. Everybody that sees him comments that he the cutest dog that they have ever seen. We love him so much and wanted to thank you again for giving him to us.  Thanks again, Julie "July Free Puppy Winner"



Here is a picture of an adult Maltese. Say Hello to Emmy!



beautiful puppies





beautiful puppy


sleeping chihuahua  sleeping dog


sleeping puppy

Long Coat Chihuahua   Designer Puppies

cute dogs  adorable puppy



Puppies For Sale      Teacup Puppies For Sale

new puppy


Chihuahua Puppies For Sale    Teacup Morkies for sale    Morkie Puppies For Sale

christmas puppy

Morkies    Designer Dogs     Designer Puppies For Sale

adult yorkies

Puppies For Sale    Purple Puppy     Puppy Picture

yorkie dresses


Cute dog picture   Cute Puppy      Sleeping Puppies

yorkie bed


Morkies    Puppies    Mixed Breed puppy

free puppy winner


Designer Puppy    Designer Dogs For Sale    Designer Puppies for sale

free puppy


Puppies For Sale  Chihuahuas 

pretty yorkie puppy



Teacup Chihuahua 

dogs going to the beach



   Chihuahua & Bulldog

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


Chihuahua Puppy  Chihuahua    Puppy

big dog and little dog


Maltitzu       Yorkie Puppy

chihuahua dress


      Yorkie         Chihuahuas

chihuahua picture


Lap Dog          

giant schnauzer and yorkie


Designer dog        White Chihuahua


Long Coat Chihuahua      Adult Maltinese

cool chihuahua picture


Designer Puppy   Designer Maltese       Maltinese


Adult Chihuahua            Designer Dog


Maltitzu     Chihuahuas


Maltinese            Designer Maltese


Morkies       Yorkie & Chihuahua


Chihuahua & Yorkie  New Puppies


   Santa Claus and Teacup Chihuahua puppy


    Puppy Magic!

Cutest Dog Ever!      Greg and Emma    


   Chihuahua Love!


Adult Chihuahua 


My puppy loves to play dress up!    Puppy Dress






Boxer and the Chihuahua "Best of Friends"  Picking up the puppy from the airport


  I Love My Puppy!


Picking Our Puppy up at the Airport! 



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