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Privacy Policy

Daisy Dog Breed Information

Description: The Daisy Dog is a hybrid, or designer, dog which is a cross between the Poodle and the Bichon. This dog was made to be of low activity, non-sporty, and better for allergies for people who are allergic to dogs.

They do however vary a lot in the look of the dog, so read up on both breeds to get a clearer picture of the dog you may get. There is some debate to the exact makeup of the Daisy Dog and there are some who say that this dog is in fact quarter Maltese, quarter Shih Tzu and half Poodle. This mix of breeds does lend to a very varied look so any form of standard look is hard to achieve. The look is wide but they tend to have a broad skull that is small but in keeping with the body size.



The Daisy eyes are usually dark in color, are wide spaced and tend to be round in shape. The ears are set at the skull line and hang down close to the head usually reaching the cheeks. They have a short but broad muzzle and a black nose, the length of which can vary so some have a very short muzzle and others are longer. The legs are short but strong. The tail is naturally left and can curl up over the back, sometimes the tail is lower but should always have a distinctive curl at the tip. The coat can be wavy or curly and the length can vary but if it is long then the face has long hair as well. The colors of the coat can be any color but it is usually white base with tan, brown, black or gold. Some have blocks of colors and some are a single solid color.


History: There is no clear history but over time the history is in the making. Hybrid dog have mostly been created in the last 10 years and with time the breeds we see today may settle into a standard but it is thought that the standards will be around temperament and not on the fixed looks like the older pure breeds. The Daisy Dog in not that common and the numbers are still low. Due to the fact a few stars, such as Jessica Simpson, have this breed the numbers are sure to go up.

Temperament: The Daisy Dog has a wonderful temperament and really loves their family. They are bright dogs and this should not be forgotten so training can and should be done. They are likely to want to please you; and with a firm but not harsh system, that is praise led and reward based, they can learn a lot of things. They, like all dogs, need house rules and boundaries. If they are left to rule the house, by owners who have treated them too kindly and not put in rules and training, small dog syndrome may occur. This is where you get a perfectly good dog and turn them into a dog that becomes snappy, bad mannered and can become over protective of you or a toy.

Under these circumstances this dog is not happy and would rather have the rules of the home in place and you, as a firm but gentle, pack leader any day. The Daisy Dog needs to have walks every day and will love to have a run off the lead in a safe place. Due to the fact these dogs are bright they need mental stimulation daily, as well. They are friendly and loyal dogs, great with children from the family and will want to play all day. They get on with other dogs. Other pets need to be carefully introduced to them. This is a great family pet and will love to curl up with you at night on the sofa.

Health issues: It is best to check all breeds health history and to get any health checks. Use a breeder that has good health checks, on any dog that is used for breeding, and are keen to help you understand any health issues that you may wish to talk about.

Grooming: The length of coat will help you to know how much grooming there is to do. If the coat is long then you know that you are going to have to groom the dog every few days, if the coat is short then weekly grooming will be fine. The coat can be cut in a puppy cut and this helps the coat be easier to mange.

Living conditions: The Daisy Dog can live in a small apartment providing they have daily walks and play sessions. They can live without a garden but it is best to have a small garden as then they have somewhere for a run around and for playing with the children safely.










The above information is strictly for information purposes only. Please do your own research to see if the dog breed, breeder or rescue organization is reputable and the right fit for you and your family.

Keep Checking Back For New  Breeders and Rescue Listings.

Some of the Cities that we plan to include Puppies For Sale and Rescue Organizations are listed below. If you are located in this state and would like to be listed in our Breeder and Rescue Directory please contact us.


New York City, New York, NY
Los Angeles, California, CA
Chicago, Illinois, IL
Houston, Texas, TX
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, PA
Phoenix, Arizona, AZ
San Antonio, Texas, TX
San Diego, California, CA
Dallas, Texas, TX
San Jose, California, CA
Austin, Texas, TX
Jacksonville, Florida, FL
Indianapolis, Indiana, IN
San Francisco, California, CA
Columbus, Ohio, OH
Fort Worth, Texas, TX
Charlotte, North Carolina, NC
Detroit, Michigan, MI
El Paso, Texas, TX
Memphis, Tennessee, TN
Boston, Massachusetts, MA
Seattle; Washington, WA
Denver, Colorado, CO
Washington, DC
Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee, TN
Baltimore, Maryland, MD
Louisville/Jefferson, Kentucky, KY
Portland, Oregon, OR
Oklahoma, Oklahoma, OK
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, WI
Las Vegas, Nevada, NV
Albuquerque, New Mexico, NM
Tucson, Arizona, AZ
Fresno, California, CA
Sacramento, California, CA
Long Beach, California, CA
Kansas, Missouri, MO
Mesa, Arizona, AZ
Virginia Beach, Virginia, VA
Atlanta, Georgia, GA
Colorado Springs, Colorado, CO
Raleigh, North Carolina, NC
Omaha, Nebraska, NE
Miami, Florida, FL
Oakland, California, CA
Tulsa, Oklahoma, OK
Minneapolis, Minnesota, MN
Cleveland, Ohio, OH
Wichita, Kansas, KS
Arlington, Texas, TX





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