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Best German Shepherd Diets

Diet is very important to a German Shepherd dog. As a hard working breed, GSD's require a high protein food with plenty of vitamins and calcium. German Shepherds are also prone to food allergies that present in skin irritations.

A well balanced healthy meal prolongs the life of your pet and allows them the energy needed to work. While all dog foods claim to be the best, there are only a select few that meet the needs of the German Shepherd dog. Always look for meat (real meat not meal) as the first ingredient. The price is higher for these premium dog foods, but well worth it in veterinary savings. Not only will your German Shepherd feel better with more energy, it will show in his coat as well.

The added bonus of feeding the best German Shepherd diet is the amount of stool and the odor of what is there. Imagine only having to clean the yard once a day, with only solid stools that break up easily. A good German Shepherd diet will also mean the smell will be much lower. Less dog food fillers means less stool. After many years of taking care of dogs, and now owning a German Shepherd, I've found my favorite five brands of premium dog food for the best German Shepherd diet. Of course you could feed a raw or home cooked diet as well, or supplement a kibble diet with raw foods.

My favorite brands of German Shepherd Dog Food

1. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Dry Dog Food: This grain-free formula is made with roasted quail, duck and turkey to provide highly digestible protein and to help your dog maintain good health.

2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog Food: High-protein, low-carb BLUE Wilderness is a great food for active dogs. A balanced approach to high-energy nutrition.

3. Wellness CORE Ocean Grain-Free Dry Canine Diet Dog Food: This grain-free diet contains four different fish-based protein sources and is perfect for dogs with poultry allergies.

4. Orijen Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food For Canines: High-protein and low-carbohydrate, Orijen Adult's grain-free formula is a rich balance of meats, fruits, vegetables and grasses.

5. Nature's Variety Instinct for Dogs Duck & Turkey Meal Formula: This grain-free dry diet is high in meat protein and low in carbohydrates with added fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals.

All of these premium dog foods stand up to the test for the best German Shepherd diet. High in protein with real meat listed as the number one ingredient. I do prefer fish, but all of these come in beef and chicken flavors as well. Taste of the Wild also comes in venison and bison (again, real meat).

Some of the other brands offer rabbit and duck. All of these top GSD diets contain an excellent mix of vegetables too. My German Shepherd dog only enjoys the seafood variety of the Taste of the Wild. I know other GSD owners that have excellent results with all of the other four premium German Shepherd diets.

You can check the quality of these dog food manufacturers on any chart, they all rank at the top. These premium German Shepherd dog foods offer human grade ingredients, not the leftover products. You can look at an independent site's dog food comparison here.

Always make sure to supplement a German Shepherd puppy's diet with large raw bones. The chewing will help their jaws, the calcium and marrow will help their ears develop cartilage to stand strong.



Visit the New Pages below for Information about the German Shepherd Dog Breed.


Introduction To The German Shepherd Dog

Introduction to the German Shepherd Dog: The German Shepherd dog is best known for its confidence and intelligence. The breed was developed from farm and herding dogs in 1899 in Germany, and first brought to the AKC in 1907. German Shepherds quickly became one of the most loved dog breeds by families around the globe, and remains at the top of the list for the most popular dog breeds.



Should I Get a German Shepherd Puppy?

So you are ready to add a furry family member. Thinking about a German Shepherd puppy? If you are considering bringing a new GSD puppy or older dog into your home, there are a few factors to think about. Getting to know the German Shepherd breed a little before you adopt will help with a fast transition to family life.


Best German Shepherd Diets

My favorite brands of German Shepherd Dog Food: 1. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Dry Dog Food, 2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog Food, 3. Wellness CORE Ocean Grain-Free Dry Canine Diet Dog Food, 4. Orijen Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food For Canines, 5. Nature's Variety Instinct for Dogs Duck & Turkey Meal Formula are some of the better Dog Foods to keep your German Shepherd on a proper diet.



Training German Shepherd Dogs 101

It is important that you really take the time to train your German Shepherd well. They are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and respond well to training. Some studies claim that the breed is responsible for more reported bitings than any other kind of dog. You will want to make sure that your dog is not amongst those statistics unless it is protecting you from an intruder.



German Shepherd Training Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes To Avoid When Training Your German Shepherd. The German shepherd dog breed is one of strongest and most athletic of all dog breeds. They are not only perfect for becoming police dogs and guard dogs; they can also be perfect pets for a dog loving family. They have a very acute sense of serving their masters, but you need to train them properly. It is advisable to have some prior German Shepherd information might help you in training them well.



Training German Shepherd Puppies

Training German Shepherd Puppies: It is very important to train your German Shepherd puppy correctly so that it doesn’t develop bad social habits as it gets older. German Shepherds are regarded as one of the most intelligent dog breeds so you should expect good results from proper training.



Training Your German Shepherd To Follow Your Commands

German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent and sturdiest of the pet dog breeds. They are not only smart but also have a natural instinct for things. They are often used as police dogs due to these special characteristics of theirs. However, training German Shepherd dogs is not an easy task. It is advisable to train a German Shepherd puppy rather than trying to train an adult dog as it will need you a lot more patience and time to train an adult dog.



Training Your German Shepherd To Be a Guard Dog

German shepherd is one of the most vigilant and smart breeds of dogs. They need constant physical activity that makes them a perfect choice for guard dogs and police investigation dogs. However, training your German Shepherd to be a guard dog is a little complicated than the general dog house training for the other breeds. It is ideal to begin when your German Shepherd pup is eight weeks old as he will be more willing to accept your authority at an early age.




We will be posting more articles and information about puppies and other cool stuff real soon!

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