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Description: The Basset Hound is a medium-sized dog used for companionship and hunting. This is a heavy boned dog with a long body and short legs. The dog is 12 to 15 inches at the shoulder, and the bitch is 11 to 14 inches.

The Basset Hound weighs from 45 to 65 pounds, depending on the dogís sex. The Basset Houndís coat is short and comes in tan, red, black, brown, with white. The coat is hard and protects the dog from injury during the hunt. The Basset is not a fast moving dog, but is determined in the hunt. The Basset Hound will bay once the scent of the game has been found. This dog will live from 10 to 12 years.

History: The origins of the Basset Hound are found in 15th century France with the Basset Artesien Normand, which is still extant. This dog was crossed with the Bloodhound and Artesien Normand to produce the Basset Hound with which we are familiar today. The Basset Hound was developed to allow people hunting on foot to easily follow the chase.

Temperament: The Basset Hound is almost universally known for its sweet and gentle disposition. This is a calm, thoughtful dog that makes an excellent companion. The Basset loves to be around children, and all members of its human family. This dog can be stubborn, however, and training should be conducted in a positive manner. The Basset Houndís easy nature, and origins as a pack dog, allow it to get along with other household pets. It will become lethargic if it becomes overweight.

Health Issues: One major health issue with the Basset Hound is problems with its long back. As the dog ages, these problems may show up, especially if the dog is carrying too much weight. The ears can also prevent challenges as they can be a breeding ground for very serious infections. The Basset Hound can also be affected by bloat, or stomach torsion, which demands immediate veterinary intervention to save the dogís life.

Grooming: Although the Basset Houndís coat is short and needs only a weekly brushing, there are several other important grooming issues that must be addressed with this breed. The long ears can trap moisture and it is easy for infections to begin there. The ears should be checked on a daily basis and kept clean and dry. Veterinary care should be given at the first sign of infection. This breed drools quite a bit, so the mouth and flews should be wiped after eating or drinking or whenever needed to help prevent yeast infections. Check the skin folds, also, to make sure they are dry and clean.

Living Conditions: The Basset Hound is a quiet dog inside, and can be kept in an apartment as long as it receives some daily exercise. This dog loves to be around its human friends, and enjoys company of all kinds. It is not a dog that should be left alone. As the Basset is a hunting dog, it will give chase to any scent it detects while on a walk. It is best kept on a leash when outside.

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